4 Tips for a DIY Pedicure

Fake tans and waxes are some of the most popular beauty treatments during the summer months. Polls have revealed, however, that pedicures also top the list in many cities.

Interestingly, pedicures are one of the simplest treatments to do at home. If done correctly, they can last up to three weeks, and of course don’t have any risks or side effects like other treatments, such as hair removal.

Margaret Dabbs, a foot health expert, explains why women love the treatment.

“Spending just thirty minutes on a proper do-it-yourself pedicure is one of the most transformative beauty treatments you can do. Not only does a good pedi make your feet look groomed, it’s an instant confidence booster,” she says

Dabbs provides 4 tips for DIY pedicures:

  • File the toenails straight across; not rounded like you might fingernails. This is the most flattering shape, as well as the healthiest- a rounded shape can result in ingrown nails.

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Always invest in a good nail file. According to Dabbs, “Emery boards can tear and split your nails, resulting in an uneven look. Whereas, a glass file will give you a perfectly straight line as it allows you to file back and forth without damaging your nails.”

  • Use a square block buffer around the nail bed to eliminate discoloration. A glossing buffer can then be used to provide a glassy effect.

“The action is a bit like shining a shoe,” Dabbs explains.

  • Do not file hard skin in water. Dabbs explains that this is a common mistake.

“When feet are wet, it’s harder to see what areas need filing. Plus, cracked feet can split in water, which can be painful and lead to infection. So always file on dry skin,” Dabbs says. “Leave cutting or grating devices to the pros, as it’s easy to go overboard which can leave you with sore and aching heels. Always file hard areas, such as big toes and heels, in soft strokes towards the underneath of your foot. If you file upwards, you will be left with a ridge,” she says.

  • Exfoliate your skin once the nails and hard areas have been treated. To do so, soak feet in warm water.

“When you don’t have an exfoliating product to hand, mix together body wash with a handful of coarse sea salt and massage into damp feet. This instantly revives tired looking feet, leaving cuticles clean and skin bright and gleaming.”