Generation Gap Shrinking in Cyberspace

The stereotype is that Grandma just doesn’t understand the world of FaceBook, YouTube, or even making a simple purchase on Amazon, but according to a new research study conducted by the Pew Internet and American Life project, “The biggest online trend (we found) is that, while the very youngest and oldest cohorts may differ, certain key internet uses are becoming more uniformly popular across all age groups.”

This means that seniors are getting with the program when it comes to skill at using the internet. The 2010 Generations Report revealed that users aged 34 and above are actually more likely than those 33 and under to engage in a number of on-line activities among them visiting government web sites and finding financial information on the web.

The favorite internet activities are becoming more popular for everyone, in all age categories, including the use of email, search engines, finding out info on health issues, keep track of current events with news feeds, internet commerce including booking flights on-line, banking on-line, sharing reviews and ratings, donations to charities, and even downloading, including podcasts.
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And the report has identified that pretty soon you should not be surprised if you get a friend request on Facebook from your grandma.

Choosing the Right Laptop

Now you’re a student, if you don’t have one already, you’re going to need to invest in a laptop.  Since there are so many different ones available on the market, it is worth doing a bit of research before making the purchase.  Here is a brief list of some of the things you might want to look out for:
a)    Price – that is probably the most important factor.  You don’t want to start going over your budget before you’ve even started your college years. Make a complete budget for your needs during college and feature the laptop into them. Don’t go over, no matter how tempting a particular model looks.
b)    Weight – laptops can vary tremendously in how heavy they are.  If lagging around a heavy laptop is going to be burdensome for you, choose one that is lighter in weight.  Check out the different models for how they feel before purchasing.
c)    Apple or PC – if you are a graphics person, you might want to choose an Apple laptop.  They are also generally known to be more stable and dependable and crash less often.  On the other hand, they tend to price somewhat higher so bear that in mind if you are interested in the Apple.  The PC, while running slightly cheaper, can also benefit those who want to have exactly the same programs as the majority of other people since there are more PC than Apple users these days.
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d)    Storage – make sure you have a safe place to store your laptop in your college dorms.  Never leave it out or exposed.  Laptops are so popular with thieves.
Go get yourself a laptop for your college needs. Just make sure you research the various models ahead of time.