How Does Your Garden Grow?

The Scoop on Garden Containers

There are many different opinions on whether or not container gardens are a good idea for growing plants.  Now that the very cold and snow season is ending in the States and the UK, a lot of people are looking into their gardening options again.  And one popular option – especially for those who do not have a big open space where they live – is container gardens.  But what is the skinny on these?  Are they good, bad, healthy, attractive, easy to put in place?  Let’s have a look.

Enjoying Your Winter Garden

According to one expert from London, MD of Clifton Nurseries Matthew Wilson, the most important thing to make your plants in this setting attractive is to use a whole slew of different textures and colors along with a mix of bulbs and shrubs.  Bedding is used less and architectural plants can look very attractive as well.  In addition, he pointed out that the container used is just as important as the plants themselves, and this is even more true in winter as with additional light reflected, grayer days get a bolt of light.

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Problems with Container Gardens

But according to another article, there can be certain hassles to using container gardens due to their “need for frequent watering and fertilization.”  These plants require the gardener – you – to give them nutrition for healthy growth.  But if initially you ensured there was a good quality potting soil (as opposed to garden soil) this can be very helpful.  It is also important to read the full fertilization instructions on the package before planting.

Now for the Fun Part

If you want to enjoy planting as a family, do something fun and cool with the kids, then why not try something a bit silly but really cute?  One tweeter did something a bit imaginative and creative and made some color in their garden with these baby container crocs that are not expensive, easy to do and definitely generate exciting after-dinner party conversation.  All you need to do is fill the foot part with potting soil, plant the seed, stuffing it as much as you can and where there is still soil showing, plant some hens and chicks, stuffing some in the holes by the toes too since these make great fillers for plants if you are looking for something a bit unusual.