Celebrate International Women’s Day Israeli-Style

If you are a woman and want to live life longer, you might want to go live in Israel.  It seems that women in Israel are living longer than their male counterparts.  That is definitely something to celebrate today, on International Women’s Day!  Or is it?  Perhaps there is a bit more to the story.  Even though the women are living longer, they are getting paid less, according the Central Bureau of Statistics published two years ago.

Female Academia on the Rise in Israel

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So does that mean they have what to celebrate today?  They’ve sure come a long way.  And that is what International Women’s Day is all about.  The number of female academics in the country increased significantly (ten percent) between 1990 and 2010 and those in managerial positions increased double during the same time frame.

So indeed, women in Israel should be enjoying the fruits of their labor and going out in force to celebrate the festivities of the day.