Cat Cafe Opens in London

Lady Dinah'sA new café recently opened in London, combining coffee and feline passions to create a brand new atmosphere. The new venue has proven so popular it is already booked through June. Called Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, the café allows visitors to enjoy a cappuccino or latte while winding down with some of the location’s resident cats.

Anna Kogan, investment banker and co-owner of the café, explained: “The idea is you can come have a peaceful lunch or high tea and be surrounded by cats. If you’re lucky one of them will fall asleep on your lap.”

The café opened its doors on March 1st after being partially funded by a campaign that raised more than $181,100 in less than two months. More than 3,000 online bookings were made within hours of the café’s launch.

“I thought that it would be really really cool to just hang out with loads and loads of cats,” said recent patron Christy McCormick. “They’re really fluffy and cute and… I really like cats. They’re great.”
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The café has 11 cats, and features vintage-themed décor. There is a 5-pound entrance fee and a two-hour turnaround time for patrons.