Caesareans Might Just Make Your Baby Fat

Certainly, there are many reasons to avoid having a caesarean section when you can. Researchers have just added another one to the mix – obesity.  According to a US study from Boston Children’s Hospital published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood journal, babies delivered from caesarean are more likely to become obese children than are those delivered naturally.

Researchers looked at 1225 mother and child pairs over a three year period. 25% of the deliveries were from caesarean. Taking into account the factor of obesity and other factors, they found that close to 16% of the babies born by caesarean were obese by the age of three, as opposed to only 7.5% of the babies born naturally.

The researchers in this study believe that obese people born by caesarean were not exposed to beneficial bacteria and that their bodies don’t metabolize food as quickly as a result. Other researchers have found that obese people have less of this good bacteria in their digestive system and higher levels of bad bacteria than do thinner people.
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Other researchers, however, have concluded that the tie between caesarean and obesity is due to the fact that more obese women require caesarean sections than do thin women. Time, and more research, will tell which is true (or if perhaps both are). But it certainly gives doctors and patients considering caesarean another reason to pause.