Real Rags to Riches Tale


From Barber to Rolls Royce Owner

Yes it’s true.  Today’s very wealthy  Ramesh Babu used to earn a mere 5 Indian Rupees ($0.10) a day!  But time has changed a lot of things and now the man is the owner of a staggering 67 luxurious cars!  Included in this mix is a BMW, Mercedes and Rolls Royce, the latter of which is valued at close to $2m.  He purchased this one just a few months ago.  Clearly therefore, the now-41-year-old man has come a long way.  Bangalore isn’t exactly known for its worth and only five other people in the whole of Bangalore own such cars.

But even though he has come so far, it is important to Babu that he not forget his humble beginnings.  He still works as a professional barber, styling the hair of his regular and loyal customers, who have been there with him from the start.  This, of course, is not where he makes his big bucks though; it is his car rental business that is raking in the Rupees.  Still, Babu did need to take out a loan for his Rolls Royce.

Good Business Move

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But the loan was a business move – and a smart one. Should a client want to use it for the day, Babu charges 75,000 Indian Rupees (almost $1,500!).  These individuals are usually Bollywood stars or top models like former Miss World Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

The Last Three Decades

Things have changed a lot for Babu since 1979.  His father had just passed away and this led to the entire family being homeless, living on the streets. Babu was just 9-years-old at the time and his 5 Indian Rupees per day weren’t exactly cutting it for the family (he was making this by working in his father’s salon – at such a young age).  Thus, pretty soon after his father’s death, he didn’t have a choice but to leave school and become a full-time barber. 

Fifteen years later, however, things started looking up.  He got the idea to start a car rental business.  He initially purchased a Maruti omni van which he rented out and still has today. The rest they say, is history! 

Still, no matter how well he does, he’ll keep his saloon on Bowring Institute; it’s just a part of him.  Indeed, if he goes to bed without having cut someone’s hair, he won’t be able to sleep!  Good for him.  Clearly, Babu won’t be forgetting his difficult beginnings in a hurry; maybe it’s this that will keep him motivated and ensure he is never forced to live on the streets again.