The 5 Best Beach Getaways

Mr. and Mrs. Smith, the boutique travel advisors, recently published a list of the best beach getaways in the world. It includes secluded, white-sandy shores as well as trendy Riviera:

The number one beach is that of Lizard Island at the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. This spot features amazing surf breaks and spotless white shores. A secluded boutique with more than 20 remote coves, the island is one of the country’s most beautiful secrets. Perfect for romantic picnics, snorkeling and kayaking, the beaches are filled with the unbelievable scenery of the reef.

Next is the French Riviera, with stylish venues and pebbled shores. With nearby hotels like Cap d’Antibes Beach Hotel, the beach draws billionaires, fashionistas, celebrities and so many more.

Honolulu comes next, being the ultimate spot for wave-lovers with its Waikiki and Maui breaks. The atmosphere is also more relaxed and quirky, welcoming all types of visitors and adventure seekers.
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Indonesia’s Seminyak is easily the most exciting strip in Bali. Locating right on the Ocean, the area is filled with luxury venues, sports clubs, and stylish getaways.

Next are the Fiji Islands. Mr. and Mrs. Smith recommend the Qamea Resort & Spa Fiji for a barefoot, natural vacation. Located on the tiny Qamea Island, the venue features traditional thatched huts, palm trees, impossibly white beaches, and crystal clear water. Diving courses and gear allow visitors to admire the coral just offshore, while spas use natural ingredients from the island to help tourists truly relax.

Lincoln Harrision Photography Captures the World’s Beauty

This incredible picture, and many others like it, were taken by amateur photographer Lincoln Harrison. Harrision, 37, spent about 15 hours taking pictures in the Australian outback. He was able to capture these incredible spirals because of the earth’s rotation, which makes it look as if the stars are flying across the horizon.

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The location is in Lake Eppalock, in the southern state of Victoria.  As he explained his new passion, “I wasn’t planning on getting into it as a hobby, but a week later I had about eight lenses and all the other goodies. I couldn’t wait to get started. I’ve been shooting at least two or three times a week ever since, mainly landscapes, and star trails when the conditions are right, I’m lucky enough to live not too far from the outback. With no buildings for miles, the sky is so clear and it’s amazing to be able to capture the beauty of the night’s sky on camera.”

Meet Shrek, The Furless Wombat Baby

Australians, unlike the rest of the world, are currently dealing with the winter season in full fury. The Kilmore Wildlife Rescue Center near Melbourne has collected numerous baby animals who were orphaned, as shorter days mean more cars and animals on the road at the same time.

A particularly unique case is Shrek, the furless wombat baby who relies on blankets to keep warm. One of eleven young animals to be rescued this week, Shrek lost her mother to a car and will need to be taken care of for the next two years.

Shrek lost her hair as a result of stress and lack of nutrition, just like another bald wombat that was rescued in Melbourne in the past.
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For more pictures, visit the Daily Mail.