Astronauts, Obama and Hasta La Vista

Bad Hair Day for Astronauts

It’s kind of a given that when you go up into space, you’re unlikely to experience the best hair day.  In fact, if anyone remembers the greeting the space people gave to Will and Kate on their special day. Yet apparently it can be the cause of embarrassment as Sandy Magnus discovered once photos depicting her particular bad hair day spread around the globe.  Still, even if she had known ahead of time, there probably wasn’t much she could have done due to the zero-gravity conditions on the International Space Station.  It wasn’t her hair the photographers were after though, but her discussions with President Obama from space.

Obama’s Odes

In Obama’s last call to space he thanked the shuttle program’s service, praising their work.  He said, “I know that there have been thousands who have poured their hearts and souls into America’s space shuttle program over the last three decades that are following this journey with special interest.  To them and all the men and women of Nasa, I want to say thank you. You helped our country lead the space age, and you continue to inspire us.”

Space Shuttle Program Shuts
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Currently, Atlantis is in a 13-day resupply mission to the space station.  It is due to land next Thursday which will mark “the end of the 30-year space shuttle program.”  Atlantis, Discovery and Endeavour will thereafter all be “retired to museums.”

Post-Shuttle Era

Still, work remains to be done and Obama promised the continuation of space exploration through Nasa, setting a goal of “sending astronauts to a near-Earth asteroid by 2025 and to Mars and its moons by the mid-2030s.”

Atlantis: Lost City No Longer?

What is Atlantis?

The lost city of Atlantis is an issue that historians have debated for many years. Mentions of its existence can be traced as far back as the time of the philosopher Plato and his text Timaeus. According to his writings, Atlantis was a ringed city (or possibly, continent), well known for its bravery, that was destroyed and buried by a tsunami. In today’s world, most people pass Atlantis off as just another myth…

…But Maybe They’re Wrong

Professor Richard Freund of the University of Hartford and his research team have recently made a discovery that may alter the picture dramatically. Last night’s National Geographic show presented their latest findings. Utilizing radar technology, digital imaging and mapping as well as satellites, the team located the traces of a sunken city off the coast of Northern Spain. The credibility of the discovery is strengthened by the unearthing of several “memorial cities,” believed to be built by Atlantis survivors following the destruction of their home.
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While the findings leave room for much speculation, the researchers’ discovery is certainly fascinating. Perhaps further studies will uncover more information and add some color to the history of Northern Spain.