Andrew Currey Turns 41

Today is Andrey Currey’s birthday.  The Australian javelin thrower has broken the record in his country eight times – and the longest he has thrown it is 85.75 meters.  But at one of the Olympic trials, he only came in third with his throw of 78.33m although that was still adequate enough for him to make the team. But he should be forgiven for not being totally on his game since his wife (and fellow javelin thrower) Louise, endured a knee injury while competing on the first day of the trials.

Currey’s Career History

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Currey has definitely had an impressive javelin throwing career, but no doubt the highlight of this was back in 1998 when he won the bronze medal.  In 1994 at the Commonwealth Games he came in sixth and five years later fifth (even though in 1998 he threw more than 80m).  Making it to the Atlanta Olympics was one small step for Currey but one huge leap for Australia, since he was the first man ever from his country to compete at Olympic level since the 1956 Melbourne Games.  But since he came in at number 21, he didn’t make it to the final which was somewhat disappointing since he’d just endured three national record-breaking throws in three weeks.

On three separate occasions, Currey has competed in World Championships.  In 1993 he came in at number 40; two years later at number 16; and in 1999, number 21.  Today he is also a fitness consultant and his hobbies include: fishing, water skiing; golf and tennis.