Start Shopping!

With Halloween behind us and Thanskgiving on the way, that means it’s almost time for Black Friday!

That’s right – the now-traditional, day-after-Thanskgiving sales have actually started earlier this year, as retailers are trying to attract shoppers worried about the still-depressed economy. But for those who don’t start in advance, the real Black Friday will still be the day to begin your holiday shopping.  There is much to say about how best to go about your annual gift-buying spree. But since Black Friday is not just about deals, it is also about dealing with massive crowds, over-stressed shoppers, and over-tired salespeople who are exhausted from dealing with all those over-stressed shoppers. To make the most of the day, you need to strategize. So here, to start with, is my Black Friday Shopping Strategy to help you fight the crowds and get the best buys.

First, bring a friend or family member along. Ask your roommate or study partner to join you in fighting the fray. That way, you’ll have twice as much shopping power, so if you see two great deals in the store simultaneously, you won’t have to miss out on either one.

Next, skip the cart. Or wagon, or trolley, or whatever you call that metal thing on wheels that accompanies you around the store being filled up with your purchases. The crowds on Black Friday can be overwhelming and the cart will just slow you down.

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Keep your eyes open. If you see a stack of something, look behind it, or above it, or beneath it. There may be a fresh stack of inventory hiding in plain sight. Most shoppers will just grab from the first stack they see. You can do better.

Bring your equipment. Shopping on Black Friday is a challenge, and you need to be ready. Bring snacks and drinks – you can’t shop with your blood sugar falling. Make sure your cell phone is charged and your credit cards are in your wallet. And keep some cash on hand for quick purchases.

Good Luck & Happy Shopping!


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