Things to Consider for Spring Weddings

This is the season of engagements and weddings, and rightly so- what season is more romantic, pleasant and convenient than spring?

Outdoor ceremonies, beautiful wedding photos, beautiful flowers, colors, dresses, weather…. The works. Still, there are a few season-related problems that could arise that you should be prepared for when planning a spring event. lists a few.

The first are unexpected showers. Though spring is usually clear and sunny, don’t forget that the weather is still rather iffy through April and May, and rain is a possibility. For an outdoor wedding, be sure to use a rental with a rain policy. This arrangement will provide your event with a tent at the last minute, in case of weather emergencies. Hair and makeup can also be damaged from the moisture, so consider using waterproof war paint and perhaps even extensions or hairpieces to maintain your chosen style.

Another issue is mud, which can be a problem even if your wedding day is rain-free. For this, wear plastic bags around your shoes until the ceremony, and keep an instant stain remover stick on hand for a muddy hemline. Some couples even wear rain boots for a cute, easygoing effect.
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Temperature issues can be easily resolved as well. For nights with a chill, post an email or Facebook notice alerting guests of the weather prediction. If you want to put in a bit more effort, have someone pick up a bunch of inexpensive shawls to set out in a basket for chilly guests. Windy conditions can be resolved by placing candles in glass hurricane holders, or buying pre-used candles. Battery operated candles, which give off an authentic flicker, are also a good option.

In contrast, spring afternoons can be hot and sunny. Parasols, handkerchiefs, cold packs, and ices are all great things to have on hand for the guests in this situation. Fondant icing for the cake is a must, because it holds up well in extreme temperatures, and hair that can be put up is also advised. Lastly, if your dress has sleeves, aim for an airy, mesh-like material.


Angie is a home health nurse who has been working with patients for over 20 years. In her free time, she enjoys dabbling in the stock market, taking spinning classes, cooking and gardening. She loves being the editor at Sunstone. Reach her at angie[at]

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