Red Carpet Fashion of 2011- Part II

Designer Marc Bouwer is working on another trend which he calls “futuristic architectural minimalism.” He explained that the look focuses not only on the dress, but on the accessories that go with it.

Greg Kwiat of Kwiat Diamonds said “We’re going to see statement pieces. A bracelet, a necklace. There will be everything from classic diamonds to lots of colors like yellow gold or aquamarine.”

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Hair stylist Anthony Morrison added that if the dress and jewels are bold, the hair must be simple and “not so overly complicated.” “Whether the hair is up or down,” he says, “it’s more about having a finished look, not frizzy or disheveled. We’ve been using a lot of smoothing products to make sure hair is glossy, shiny and polished.” He added that hair color is also expected to be bold this year.


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