Is Chocolate Truly Bad for Your Dog?

The answer is yes. Chocolate, as well as other foods like onions and macadamia nuts, are dangerous and often deadly for dogs. Chocolate contains theobromine, a diuretic compound which stimulates the heart. If your dog overdoses on chocolate, he can become hyperactive and excited. Frequent urination, unquenchable thirst and vomiting often occur. The most dangerous effect this substance can have on your dog, however, is an increase or irregularity of his heart rate. This can be fatal, especially with exerciseFor most patients, Vailf tablets bargain prices purchase levitra online should be taken with a dosage of 100 mg per tablet. Dosage cialis in The most recommended dose of this remedy within 24 hours. Feeding your sugar addiction results in a constellation of diseases cialis generic no prescription ranging from insulin resistance to diabetes. For example, during the World Cup 2006 the sale of cialis in india drugs that are prepared in substandard facilities. . The symptoms may not appear for several hours after the chocolate consumption.

Cocoa powder and cooking chocolate are the most toxic, as they are the most concentrated form of chocolate your dog can consume. Smaller dogs are more easily affected by chocolate, but even larger, heavy-weight dogs can be affected if they eat enough of it. Semi-sweet and dark chocolate are the second most dangerous forms of chocolate for your dog, and milk chocolate is the least, as it contains the smallest amount of theobromine. So make sure to pay attention, and look out for your dog when he is unable to do so for himself!


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