Hair Care for Plants

Many people would love to see beautiful, brightly colored flowers in their windows or out in their yard, but aren’t familiar with gardening and can’t spare a lot of time to learn it. When purchasing flowers or seeds, you should ask the workers in the nursery about the plant’s optimal conditions, such as the amount of sunlight, wind etc. Once you plant your new flowers and they start to take root, you may feel that a fertilizer is necessary. However, fertilizer can be expensive, and chemical fertilizers may be bad for the environment, as well as dangerous for your child or pet.

A cheap, easy solution for this problem is: hair clippings! Have you ever gone for a haircut and regretted the “waste” of hair, or came home to find hair in the sink as a result of your husband or son’s last shave? Do you have a dog or cat who constantly sheds on your furniture? Instead of tossing the hair, collect it and sprinkle it over the soil of your garden. It may sound strange, but hair is actually a wonderful fertilizer. Hair contains protein and nitrogen, two things that all plants require in order to growIf you need a “psychological and physiological insurance in case of psychological dysfunction, no pill can help at all. viagra prices levitra canada It purifies your blood and ensures easy digestion and absorption of essential nutrients and vitamins from the consumed food. In women, lack of vaginal lubrication is one of the major causes cheap viagra tablets for less sexual arousal activity. Medxpower have a very wide variety of medicines everything from male’s wellness, female’s wellness, anti-smoking pill, weight-loss medications, viagra pills canada hair thinning, muscles relaxant, pain-killers and many more. . The use of hair as a fertilizer can strengthen your plants, as well as brighten the colors of their leaves and flowers. The hair will also keep away slugs and small animals that may eat your plants, such as rabbits. The only downside is that hair takes a long time to decompose. However, if your plant is exposed to it enough, it will develop microbes to quicken the process.


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