Get More Sleep: It’s Good for Your Health

Women Need More Sleep as Preventive Medicine

It seems that feeling tired is just a minor consequence of women not sleeping the required six to eight hours per night. Apart from what can happen when you’re tired (25 percent of road accidents are sleep related), without enough sleep, according to an article in The Daily Mail one can increase their risk of depression, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. But it seems, according to research undertaken by University of Warwick Medical School scientists, this is impacting women much worse (both physically and emotionally) than their male counterparts. Other findings – from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine – found that such sleep deprivation is impacting women’s relationships whereas this doesn’t impact men.

Why Women Need More Sleep

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It seems that although for sure long-term sleep deprivation can lead to a shortening of life in both men and women, with women, there are other issues, especially vis-à-vis escalated blood pressure. The study found that females are getting five or less hours are night were “twice as likely to have high blood pressure than women who sleep for seven hours a night.” But for men, sleep had no impact. It seems that in women inflammation is raised that can lead to artery damage as well as coronary disease and those at greatest risk are “pre-menopausal women.”

Blood pressure drops in sleep so for those not sleeping enough the blood pressure will remain elevated for more hours in the day and women are in general “more vulnerable to the damage this causes,” according to Professor Francesco Cappuccio of cardiovascular medicine and epidemiology at Warwick Medical School. For all body function regulations, sleep is necessary. Women seem in general to sleep less because of their commitments and they are doing themselves a disservice. It’s also due to hormones and sleep deprivation can result in obesity as it has an impact on those hormones that control appetite.

Everyone needs sleep. But this study proves that it’s not just for the basic reasons one might think. Women have to really ensure that they get enough zzz’s if they want to guard against a whole slew of possible fatal diseases.


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