Film Fans Can Now Vacation on Favorite Sets

Honeymoon Villa from 'Breaking Dawn'

The debut of the Hunger Games films triggered incomparable tourism in North Carolina, with hundreds if not thousands of people flocking to the area to see ‘District 12,’ Capitol, and the wild forests in Asheville.

It’s no surprise then, really, that other film fans are paying thousands of dollars per night in order to stay at their favorite sets for a vacation. For example, Twilight fans now have the option of renting Edward and Bella’s honeymoon villa from the new ‘Breaking Dawn’ movie. Entourage groupies now also have the option of renting the unbelievable house that closed the series finale with Ari and Melissa Gold.

The new attraction is offered by, a home, apartment and condo rental site. Their list includes eight properties from much-loved movies that are available for rent- and anyone can try it!
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Costs may be hard to meet, however. The Twilight honeymoon home starts at $4,000 per night, while the Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil mansion is going for $1,300 a night.

Perhaps for some the price is well worth the experience, but others would prefer to spend the money on a ticket to somewhere exotic and more reality-based. Venice, Greece, Italy or maybe Sweden all pose as attractive alternatives; each location has endless villa rentals, beaches and vacation spots. In fact, villa-cravers must not seek far beyond their own cities- the U.S. is filled with luxury apartment villas that will transport you to a whole new world without requiring a plane ticket.


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