Disney’s ‘Tangled’- A Great Family Film

The new Disney movie “Tangled” is a cute, creative take on the traditional Rapunzel story. Having just taken my granddaughter to see it, I highly recommend it. It spins the tale of a teenage girl with healing powers who has spent her life locked up in a tower by Mother Gothel, who, amusingly, uses the healing powers to retain her youthful appearance. Rapunzel’s sheltered world takes a hit when she makes a deal with a bandit in hopes of finding the mysterious lights that’s she sees on her birthday. Though the story differs from the original, which I believe I enjoyed reading when I was a child, these characters are both familiar and fresh, with new ones added to the oldThe cost of medicinal representative is also buy levitra professional absent here. Apart viagra discount from curing reproductive disorders, daily intake of withania somnifera extract is also well known for providing best male sexual problem treatment in Delhi. You can use dried roots of asparagus in milk and cheapest cialis eat plenty of dry fruits and nuts and boost the NO level for an ideal erection. First of all, way of life affects the potency. commander viagra like this . The movie has a modern twist, and the 3D style gives the animation true life. Tangled is a great family movie, entertaining and lovable for children, teens and adults alike. Why not take your whole family out for a post-Thanksgiving outing?


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