Themed Summer Kids Activities

tarzan-treehouseSummer vacations are long for kids, and they can often seem even longer for parents.  One way of getting through them is to organize themed activities.  In other words, take a theme your children like and construct activities around it.  For example, if your kids like Disney movies (and really, which kids don’t?) create activities around them.

Look at 101 Dalmatians and see if you can offer to walk the neighbor’s dog while they are away.  Alternatively, take your kids to a dog show and ask them to spot all the Dalmatians or count 101 dogs.  Perhaps you have a dog yourself in which case you can get your kids to take it to a senior’s home so that the elderly can enjoy “101 Dalmatians” in a way as well.

If you have little girls, take a leaf out of Cinderella’s book and go shoe shopping!  Girls love getting new shoes and you can get your child to see if they “fit” correctly like Cinderella.  Boys can get sneakers that feel good when they run around – focus on the fit of the shoe, just like as in Cinderella.

One day can be Italian day with The Lady and the Tramp theme.  Get your kids to make easy Italian meals like lasagna, spaghetti Bolognese and Pizza Margherita!  Every kid loves pizza!

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For getting out of the house and building up a sweat, dress up one kid as Tarzan and have the others help him/her build a treehouse.  Then you make a picnic and some home-made ices for them to enjoy in their new construction.

There are many more activities one can do with kids that center around Disney movies.  Just think about your kids’ favorite movies and figure out a way to connect an activity to them.  The summer vacation will be over in no time at all this way.

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