Bruce Shalett on Fantasy Football

by Yahoo
by Yahoo

In a recent article in The SportsQuip, Director of BS Freeman Capital LLC, Bruce Shalett, spoke about the evolution of fantasy football that has taken place over the last two decades. He said:
“What started out over twenty years ago as a nerdy pursuit for sports fans too old or too ‘cool’ to continue playing dungeons and dragons has become a big time business.”

Fantasy football is set out to reflect the real NFL schedule, which makes participants feel like they are actually engaging in a real sport that is taken seriously. Players comprise the fantasy team roster and competition revolves around points players earn during actual games played. Then they compete for the whole season – including weekly play, playoffs and the full season championship.

However, fantasy football is still what it is – fantasy football – and Bruce Shalett thus concludes with this equation:

“Fantasy Football = Fan Engagement + Expansion of Fan Base.”

Still, for those wanting some football entertainment without getting their sneakers dirty, this is one way to get a feel in a fantasy world of what it might be like to have the life of an NFL player…in some ways anyway.