Avoiding Winter Depression Part II

As mentioned in the previous article, the dark, cramped feeling of winter can certainly fuel depression. Here are some more ways to avoid SAD (seasonal affective disorder):

  • Keep warm! Being cold can add to the energy-less feeling. It is hard to start a day correctly when the temperature is so low, so make sure to dress warmly and comfortably. If you feel comfortable, you will be able to stay focused during work.

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  • Stay healthy. I mentioned exercise earlier, but there’s a part two to that as well. A healthy diet will keep you feeling energized and alert, and will probably ward off illnesses like the flu. Make sure to eat fruits and vegetables, as well as lots of protein.
  • If you’re still feeling bored or blue, try a new hobby. The challenge and learning experience will help you stay more alert and motivated in everything you do throughout the course of the day.

Avoiding Winter Depression Part I

Winter depression is a common issue during this season. The lack of sunlight and outdoor activity result in a feeling of laziness and fatigue, and if the feeling is left stagnant it often turns into mild or even severe depression. It is important to keep your mind and body busy in order to prevent this seasonal affective disorder.

One way to do so is to keep active. If the weather allows it, go for an hour-long walk. If it doesn’t, try jumping rope or running on a treadmill for a while, at least every other day. The physical activity will release endorphins into the body, which are “happy” hormones that will immediately boost your mood. The activity will also keep your body more fit, and fight fatigue.

Another key factor is daylight. Again, if the weather allows it, make sure to go outside at least once a day. Sit on the porch, go for a walk; do something that exposes you to the outdoor air and natural light.
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Surround yourself with friends and family. Technology allows for many different work schedules, and many people now work from their homes with internet-based companies. If this is your case, make sure to get dressed every day, instead of lounging around the house in your pajamas. You also need to maintain some human exposure in order to pop the bubble that you’ve created. Invite friends over for a fancy dinner or movie night, and make sure to stay social despite the frigid conditions outside.