Planning a Camping Trip

Camping trips can be a wonderful, affordable vacation. They can be a fun, educational experience for your entire family, or more romantic and relaxing if you plan to go with your significant other. Camping trips can include hiking, canoeing, fishing, swimming and more.

The first thing you have to think about when planning a camping trip is the location. Do you plan on just “roughing it” or would you prefer to have running water, bathroom facilities or even electrical hook ups? Any way you do it is fine, as long as you feel comfortable. If you’re more interested in the nature aspects, just grab a sleeping bag and pitch a tent wherever you’d like. If not, find out about camping parks and facilities in the area of interest and compare prices. Be sure to plan your trip based on the weather reports to avoid any discomfort.

Next, write a list of everything you want to take with you. Make sure to include a first aid kit, a map, lots of water, a flashlight, toilet paper and baby wipes, matches and a rope. Depending on your trip, you may also need equipment that will help you build and enjoy your tent such as a hammer, tarp, a sleeping bag, towels, a cooler and garbage bags. Another thing to keep in mind is insect repellent. Bug bites and stings can really ruin the mood, so look into sprays or creams that contain DEET, because they are the most effective.  Be sure to bring sunscreen, as you will undoubtedly be exposed to lots of sunlight. Bring a pot or grill to use at your campfire or a portable stove if a fire is impractical or forbidden at your campsite. Make sure to keep all leftover food contained, as scraps can attract unwanted or dangerous animals.
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If you have done all this, you are ready to go camping! Choose a clean spot with a beautiful view and enjoy the natural world around you.