First Flying Car Passes Flight Test

Terrafugia Inc. has managed to turn every inventor’s dream into reality by completing a test flight of its flying car called the Transition.

The car has two seats and four wheels, as well as foldable wings that allow the vehicle to drive on a road. Unlike commercial jets, the car was flown at 1,400 feet for nearly ten minutes last month. The development brings the Massachusettss-based company closer to its goal of selling the flying car before 2013.

Though the car will be sold for $279,000, over one hundred people have put down $10,000 deposits for vehicles. The number of customers will likely increase when the car is officially introduced to the public at the New York Auto Show this week.

Robert Mann explained that the flying car has been the dream of American inventors since the 1930s. He believes that Terrafugia’s creation is the closest a company has ever come to developing a flying car, though it will still need a runway for takeoff.
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Mann added that the government has already granted permission for the use of special glass, tires and other materials in order to lower the weight of the vehicle. The Transition is also exempt from the law requiring vehicles to have electronic stability control, which adds six pounds to the total weight. The car is undergoing tests to make sure it meets the federal safety standards.

According to Mann, the most profitable industry for the Transition will likely be the western U.S. states.