Mix-and-Match Summer Frozen Yogurt Pops

frozen-yogurt-popsStay cool AND healthy this summer with these four easy frozen yogurt pop ideas!

  • Layered– For a layered yogurt pop, pour a third of a cup of coffee flavored yogurt into a paper cup. Freeze for 30 minutes, then add a layer of vanilla. Repeat and add flavors until the cup is full. Don’t forget the Popsicle stick!
  • Swirled- In a large bowl, gently fold a chocolate-hazelnut spread like Nutella into vanilla yogurt. Scoop into paper cups, and freeze with a stick.
  • Topped- Experiment with different toppings like mini chocolate chips, pretzel pieces, crushed heath bars and peanuts
  • Combo- Try switching off between solid layers of vanilla yogurt and layers of swirls. Mix up the flavors as well, combining layers of hazelnut-coffee swirls, vanilla and strawberry swirls, and chocolate toppings, for example.

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