The Seahorse- An Incredibly Unique Fish

Seahorses are extraordinary fish, and not only because of their unusual horse-like appearance. They can be found in shallow tropical, temperate waters across the globe, and range from 0.6 to 14 inches long.

Seahorses are among the few monogamous fish- or fish that mate for life. What is possibly the most unique thing about seahorses is that they are one of the only species on the planet in which the male bears the offspring before their birth. Male horses have a pouch on their fronts, into which the female deposits her eggs. The eggs are fertilized internally, and are carried in the male until they hatch and are released as fully formed, tiny seahorses.

Seahorses are awkwardly shaped, and so have difficulty swimming. They often die of exhaustion during storms. In general, they propel themselves with a small fin on their backs which flutter up to 35 times per second.  Tiny fins on the backs of their heads are used for steering.
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For the most part, seahorses anchor themselves to corals and sea grasses with their tails. They use their elongated snout-like mouths to suck small crustaceans and plankton that drift past. They can consume more than 3,o00 brine shrimp every day.