Chihuahua Scares Off Two Armed Robbers

While many people feel like having a dog is an inconvenience, there are certainly some pros to keeping man’s best friend close at hand, as Eric Knight of south California has recently found out.

When two armed men attempted to rob Knight’s cigar store in Altadena near LA, they were scared off by the tiny, ten pound barking Chihuahua named Paco.

Upon watching the surveillance video, Knight said “I was shocked to see what he did, especially running across the street was amazing.”

In the video, when one of the robbers yelled “Give me the money. Hurry up!” Paco began barking furiously and attacked one of the men’s legs. The man then swung the barrel of his gun around before backing away. One of the men grabbed the bag and they ran, while Paco nipped at their heels and chased them down the street.

Though the men did get away with $200, Mr. Knight said he was more concerned with the little hero, who could’ve been hurt.
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Paco was rescued from the local pound a few years ago, and is well known in the neighborhood. He is loved by all, and even has a bed set up for him in a bar in the area. When they heard of his bravery, community members were surprised.

“I was shocked because normally he’s really laid back,” said Cecil Griffin, a neighbor. “He’s just sitting back, taking it easy. I told his owner ‘Hey, he’s finally earning his keep. We’ve been feeding him all this time. He’s not going to let anyone mess up his home.’”

After the incident Mr. Knight encourages everyone to adopt a dog in need, for both the canine’s and the person’s sake. “I suggest everybody rescue a dog from the pound,” he said. “You never know when you’re going to need him.”