Three Poachers Caught in Kenya

A special team of rangers from the Kenya Wildlife Service recently recovered $30,830 worth of elephant tusks and rhino horns. Three people were arrested, and six rounds of ammunition, two pairs of night vision binoculars, two jungle rangers uniforms and a rifle scope were recovered as well. Senior Warden Aggrey Maumo, who was involved in the operation, said that nine rhinos have been killed in the region over the past year. “At least twenty rhinos were killed across the country since early last yearKamagra 100mg is an oral drug which has been introduced specially for those people who are a victim of erectile dysfunction since they do not allow the blood vessels to clearly trespass through the penile region making it hard for a man to achieve an erection. viagra samples Also make sure that the website has secure payment gateway. cialis pharmacy Moreover, the pills of femodene ED need to be viagra effects women taken around 15 to 20 prior minutes sexual movement is arranged. In just a few years of launch, the medicine has become a india tadalafil to all. . Northern Kenya reported the highest incidents because poachers killed nine rhinos and a huge number of elephant herds over the past year but we had a breakthrough yesterday and managed to recover this consignment,” he said.

The government has been reinforcing security officers and rangers in the Mountain Marsabit region, in efforts to protect Kenya’s wildlife. The animals have suffered greatly from poachers, drought and floods over the past few years.