Air France Passenger Captures Aurora Borealis Photos at 30,000 Feet

Nate Bolt was an unusual passenger on the eleven-hour, Great Circle –route flight from San Francisco to Paris this week. While many would be glad of an entire free row for comfort reasons, Bolt used the space to set up a professional camera, tripod and time-lapse controller. Throughout the flight, Bolt’s equipment captured new photos every few seconds. His plan was to compile the stills into a movie of the entire flight.


What he did not expect, though, was to bear witness to the ethereal Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, that can often be viewed in the northern night sky. In fact, without his camera- he would have probably missed the experience all together. He explained later that when leaning over to check his camera screen, he found the camera taking photos of the green lights. When he glanced out the window, they were barely noticeable to the naked eye, though. Later he said he assumed it was because of the lights inside the plane.

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When he landed, Bolt spend almost fifteen hours completing the video, which consists of 2,459 photos. The movie is two minutes long, as has already spread across the internet. Here is the completed video– what do you think?