The Many Benefits of Honey

Everyone knows that honey is a healthy ingredient to add to your tea or salad…. What most people don’t understand is just how beneficial the substance really is.

Rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids, honey is very good for the skin. It also retains moisture thanks to its humectant properties, while remaining completely oil-free.

Interestingly, honey is also a highly effective acne fighter. When mixed with water, its components break down and react to form hydrogen peroxide, a natural antiseptic that increases the skin’s immunity and fights acne-causing bacteria. In addition, the substance contains strong anti-inflammatories, which can reduce the appearance of blemishes as they heal, and even minimize scars.

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Honey can also be used to prevent skin issues, not only to treat them. Probiotics, the healthy bacteria found both in the body and outside it in foods like yogurt and miso, provide stiff competition for harmful bacteria. Honey contains prebiotics, complex carbohydrates that boost probiotic growth in the digestive system when eaten, and on the skin when applied directly. The skin’s probiotics are under constant stress from varying temperatures, moisture, invading bacteria, dirt and clogged pores. The prebiotic complex found in honey nurtures their growth and maintains a healthy balance of bacteria in the skin.

Lastly, honey, like green tea and argan oil, contains potent antioxidants such as caffeic acid and catechins. These help protect the body’s cells, boost healing and rejuvenation, and significantly slow down the aging process.

Horseback Riding- a Healthy Pastime

Horseback riding is often considered a fun, relaxing activity or a necessary part of people’s daily routines. People don’t always realize, however, that horseback riding can be a very effective exercise. No, the horse is not the only one who is working hard when you are riding- in fact, the health benefits of riding are so extraordinary that a Japanese company invented an exercise machine which simulates the motions of a horse.

Horseback riding strengthens the core muscles in a unique way, and the trunk and limb muscles are used to maintain balance throughout the entire ride. Back, thigh, arm and stomach muscles are also toned while controlling balance as well as directing the horse on the ride. Posture can be greatly improved by riding, as the correct riding position is one of shoulders held back and a straight spine. Your joints can also benefit if used correctly during this activity. Six calories are burned per minute while merely riding at a walking pace. At a canter pace, riding can help oxygenate the blood, extend breathing, improve circulation and heighten metabolism speed. Grooming the horse leads to toned arms and better balance as well.

Horseback riding is also often used as a therapy for people with disabilities. Balance, coordination, spatial awareness and general motor development are greatly improved, and, while being in control of something other than himself, the rider learns to be more sensitive to his surroundings and to react faster. Building a consistent relationship with a horse through riding and grooming can also teach people of trust and loyalty.
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In general, the exposure to fresh air is beneficial to a person’s health, too. Studies have shown that regular outdoor activities and exposure to animals can boost the immune system and improve moods.

Being a Mama’s Boy May Have Health Benefits reports that boys who have close relationships with their mothers may have better mental health than do those with more distant relationships.  A recent study, presented at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association, found that boys who maintained close emotional connections to their mothers were more emotionally available as they aged, and had better mental health ratings.

The study, conducted by Carlos Santos, a professor at Arizona State University School of Social and Family Dynamics, surveyed 426 boys through middle school.  He found, interestingly enough, that the father-son relationship does not have the same effect.

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Santos described his findings as such, “If you look at the effect size of my findings, mother support and closeness was the most predictive of boys’ ability to resist [hyper-masculine] stereotypes, and therefore predictive of better mental health.”