College Drinking Advice

Now that you are on your own in the world and free to explore all sorts of different avenues, you might want to take heed of the following advice for when you go to the bar or a nightclub.  Unfortunately, it’s not like drinking used to be a few decades ago; there are – at least potentially – a lot of pitfalls.  There are many unsavory characters hanging out at these places that you really want to try and avoid.  And if you can’t avoid them, you certainly want to make sure they stay far away from your beverage.  There have been too many reported cases of young innocent women going to the bar for a pint or two and passing out having no remember of what happened to them.  This is because something was slipped into their drinks.  So here’s what you should consider at all times:
a)    Always go with a friend; make sure there are at least two of you who are looking out for each other;
b)    Make sure you supervise your drink at all times – never leave it alone even for a second;
c)    Do not let anyone else buy you a drink;
d)    Make sure the put/bar you are frequenting has a good reputation and nothing untoward has ever happened there;
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e)    Do not drink from anyone else’s glass unless you know them very well;
By following these basic rules you should be okay.  Remember, being lax for even less than a minute can land you in serious trouble.  It’s just not worth it.  There is no reason for you not to have a great time drinking during your college years, as long as you follow the above basic rules.