Baby Boomers’ Physical Activity is Booming

The Baby Boomer generation is putting a new face on the idea of getting older.  Their active lifestyle doesn’t just vanish as they reach retirement age; rather, more seniors today than ever before are participating in physical activities and showing an active lifestyle.  This is according to research from the National Sporting Goods Association.

The Association found that, in the last 10 years, participation from seniors in physical activities has increased.  Whether it’s golf, weight lifting, swimming or running, the older generation is getting out there and making their mark.

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This is, hopefully, good news for the insurance industry, as exercise and leading an active lifestyle certainly offer physical benefits.  Dr. O. Kenrick Duru, assistant professor at the UCLA School of Medicine, explains that active seniors are less likely to end up in convalescent homes and are less likely to have Alzheimer’s, among other ailments.  Of course, he also points out that seniors should know their physical limitations and should take precautions so that they don’t get hurt while engaging in these activities.