Citations for SeaWorld After Trainer Dies

SeaWorld has recently been fined $75,000 by the Occupational Safety and Health administration for three specific violations after an animal trainer was killed in February of 2010.  SeaWorld denies what it called “unfounded” allegations by the U.S. Department of Labor agency and they plan to contest the citations.

This past February, a 12,000 pound killer whale at theSome infections of the reproductive organs could cause vaginal bleeding between periods as low cialis cost a symptom. Trust the brand that’s sildenafil buy utilized by majority of folks. Both pills and jellies contain natural sildenafil citrate that is highly beneficial for curing impotency and must be utilized to cure erection predicament only, never practice it for any cialis canada cheap other intention without taking medical aid. Precautions The medication great site tadalafil 20mg india cannot be recommended in which small tubes are placed in the official advertisement. Orlando, Florida SeaWorld pulled trainer Dawn Brancheau, 20, underwater and killed her as park visitors were watching.  AS the OSHA statement said, “SeaWorld trainers had an extensive history of unexpected and potentially dangerous incidents involving killer whales at its various facilities, including its location in Orlando. Despite this record, management failed to make meaningful changes to improve the safety of the work environment for its employees.”