Yacht Designer Unveils Marine City at Monaco Yacht Show

Scientists and science fiction writers alike have recognized the issue of the overpopulation of earth. Surely the issue is less relevant today, but researchers have already begun exploring options for additional habitats, in places as far as the moon!

City on the Sea

British yacht designer BMT Nigel Gee  has opened up another option; one that has been considered in the past, but deemed relatively impractical. He designed a floating building which could pioneer the idea of modern human life at sea. The floating building has 11 accommodation decks, four helipads, private docks, swimming pools, observation decks, service areas and more, making it more like a floating city than a boat. ‘Project Utopia’ was unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show.

The structure is a round contraption balanced on four thrusters, to keep it steady despite the rocking sea. In the center, a large column descends deep into the water, acting as a mooring system and enabling docking, as well.

Challenging Tradition

Yacht Design Director James Roy believes the new design challenges the traditional, slightly old fashioned, naval architecture.

He says: “Visions of the future are often constrained by familiarity with the present or a reflection of the past. Much is made in today’s design community starting with a blank sheet of paper yet many, if not all yacht concepts revert back to the traditional form. Because of the perception that a yacht should be a form of transport is becomes an immediate design constraint. Utopia is not an object to travel in, it is a space to be, an island established for anyone who has the vision to create such a place.”

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