Winter Fashion Tips

The secret for staying both stylish and warm this season is: layering. Layering will enable you to stay comfortable while on a bus, in a restaurant, at work and outside without having to suffer too much from the stuffiness indoors and the chill outside. One of the most fashionable articles of clothing this winter is the maxi dress. These long dresses are flattering on almost every figure; they are slimming and elongating. Wear a chunky sweater or cardigan over it for when you are cold, as these can easily be removed. You can also easily conceal thick wool socks or leggings with boots under a dress like this. Wear gloves, a hat and a scarf to complete the cozy, wintery look.

If the maxi dress is not for you, try wearing leggings or wool stockings under your jeans. No one will see them, and they offer a true layer of protection from the cold. Throw on a pair of wool-lined boots to create a cute style. Layer on the top as well; wear a turtle-neck shirt under an additional, long sleeved shirt, and throw on a sweater or cardigan between this and your coat. This way you can remove your coat even if it is chilly indoors.


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