Why Fat People are Fat

…They’re Not Eating Too Much

People usually presume that fat people are that way because they are eating all the time.  Therefore getting thin should be easy – just don’t eat as much.  But clearly that’s not the case as obesity in the western world wouldn’t be such a problem if it were.  Indeed, findings published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association (November edition), indicate that fatties are consuming LESS than their svelte counterparts. 

The research was conducted by studying 257 overweight and regular-weight adults between the ages of 25 to 47.  The overweight adults ate around three meals and one snack a day, totaling over 2,000 calories.  As well, they didn’t engage in that much exercise.  On the other hand, the adults in the group who were not overweight, seemed to eat and exercise more often.  Some people in the group lost weight during the course of the study and even these individuals munched more often than the overweight individuals.

The people on the study who lost weight were found to be eating quite a few snacks per day with their total calorie input being 1,800; those who stayed at the same weight were eating around 1,900 calories a day. 

Thus overall, the research indicates that eating more often is good recipe for weight loss/ maintenance.  But why this was the case, the researchers didn’t know.  As well, a nutrition and dietetics assistant professor from Marywood University, and lead researcher, Dr. Jessica Bachman pointed out, “most of the research has shown that people who eat more frequently have a lower weight.”

As well, it was found that those who lost weight were exercising more (burning around 3,000 calories a week). The overweight individuals on the other hand, only burned about 800 calories in the same time frame.



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