What Do Your Valentine’s Day Flowers Mean?

Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic days of the year. Giving loved ones flowers is a classic tradition and a wonderful way to express appreciation. Interestingly, different flowers have different implications, and the type you select or receive may have a special meaning. Spruce up your flower knowledge and learn what some of the top Valentine’s Day flowers really symbolize:


Probably the most popular Valentine’s Day bloom, the rose represents love, romance, perfection and beauty. It has a fairy-tale association and is also relatively expensive, making it the classic choice for this holiday.



Daisies are beautiful, representing innocence and purity. They also come in a wide range of bright, cheerful colors. These happy blooms have the ability to lighten the mood, and imply a relaxed, appreciative relationship.



Tulips are extremely classic. These affordable buds “stand for perfect love,” according to Michael Gaffney, Director of the New York School of Flower Design, and convey warmth and comfort.



Peruvian LilyPeruvian Lilies

The petals of the Peruvian Lily, or Alstroemeria, are long-lasting and extremely beautiful. They represent devotion and strong friendship. Multiple flowers bloom on each stem, making it easy to create full, luscious arrangements.


LilyCasa Blanca Lilies

Gaffney explains that these flowers represent “beauty, class and style.” He adds, “A man who creates a bouquet with these dramatic- and expensive- lilies is sophisticated and knows his partner well.”



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