Can Happiness Be Delivered in a Truck?

Apparently so.  Well, at least according to Coca-Cola and we know that advertising never lies so it just must be true.  There is a very cute commercial going round on YouTube, promoting the beverage giant.  It starts off with the quote that it wants to: “to share a little happiness with the student body.”

A Coca-Cola vending machine is installed at a campus college – nothing unusual about that.  A student comes to get a coke.  She puts her money in the machine and a small coke bottle emerges.  She takes it.  So you’re sitting there, watching this video, really wondering why they’ve put it on YouTube and what all the hype’s about.  But then, seconds later, another coke comes out…followed by another…and another…and another, until she is smiling from ear to ear and handing out cans of coke to anyone who happens to be in the vicinity.  The same thing happens with the next person who gets a coke.  Then someone puts her hand in to retrieve her coke, but is rewarded with a bunch of flowers; the next person gets a balloon-shaped animal.  Then there’s a pizza and finally, the longest sandwich you’ve ever seen, big enough to feed the whole student body!  Everyone looks happy and the final quote of the movie is “Where will happiness strike next?”

It thus seems like Coca-Cola wasn’t lying and that happiness really can be delivered in a truck!

Interesting Nutritious Food for Toddlers

With the incidence of obesity and diabetes on the increase, many organizations in the UK are realizing how important it is to provide healthy, nutritious meals for kids in preschools to start the education early. The National Day Nurseries Association, the National Child-minding Association and the Pre-School Learning Alliance are backing the School Food Trust program that is implementing nutritious food programs for the kids.  So what will be happening is that chicken nuggets and fish fingers won’t be welcome on the menu anymore.  New nutrition guidelines will be put in place and food such as risotto, vegetable stew and tuna. 

The UK Government has backed these guidelines.  Currently, preschools are spending a very small amount of money – around 30 cents – on each child’s meal.  Research has (not surprisingly) shown that only one third of parents are satisfied with the food their children are receiving.

Healthy Snacks

Once on the subject of healthy, nutritious food for kids, snacks have been brought under the limelight as well.  For example, instead of granola bars that are mainly chocolate-based, or potato chips, vegetable sticks, rice-cakes and fruit are being suggested as a replacement. 

One of the reasons this scheme is being implemented is because kids are just not getting the appropriate food which means they are not consuming energy-rich foods or enough vitamins and minerals.  The plan has received the full backing of Sarah Teather, the Children’s Minister and Lib-Dem MP.

Happy Birthday Kate!

The Duchess of Cambridge celebrated the big 30 earlier this week.  Yes indeed, Kate Middleton – wife of the Duke of Cambridge (aka Prince William), exited her second decade in life and became 30.  Rumors of various plans for this celebration were discussed in a previous post but, at the end of the day, what really did Kate get to do on her special day?

Well, it seems that contrary to rumors of the big birthday bash being thrown for her by her sister and brother-in-law Pippa and Harry, her celebrations were quite low-key.    She simply ate dinner with family and friends in private quarters at Kensington Palace.

It seems therefore, that rumors preceding the day (along with the press) got it quite wrong – or maybe they were being purposefully misguided.  Ultimately what Kate did on her birthday was just enjoy a pleasant dinner with those nearest and dearest to her.  Neither the gifts she received – nor the food she ate on the night of her special day prepared by her favorite chef – have as yet been revealed.

The only thing we did manage to find out was the gift she – sort of – received from Kim Kardashian.  On the day of the Duchess’ birthday, Shoe Dazzle and Kardashian presented the world (in her honor) with ‘The Duchess’ a black, leather-quilted platform pump.  It is unlikely however, that Kate will be seen wearing a pair of these shoes, but still, as they say, the thought was there.

What happened on This Day in History?

Many events have occurred on January 11 throughout the years.  For example, in America in 1928, this was the date on which Bing Crosby recorded “Ol’ Man River,” which was one of his very first hits.  He sang this with the Paul Whiteman Orchestra that he later left.  That was probably a good thing as one of his later songs – “White Christmas” – made him quite a small fortune that he thus would have had to share with his band members!

Some years later, on the same day, in 1949, Los Angeles saw its very first case of recorded snow!  And then a decade-and-a-half passed and scientists in America finally figured out that smoking is not good for one’s health. Surgeon General Luther Leonidas Terry issued a health warning that it could result in major health problems such as lung cancer.

A lot more has happened and changed of course, quite significantly in the world of technology.  Whereas the iPhone first became available in 2007, it wasn’t until January 11 of last year that Verizon announced that within a month, it would be blessed with the iPhone that it had been craving for so long.  It was, however, criticized for only doing so on the company’s 3G network, despite its claims that it is most reliable.

So, all’s well that ends well.  Who knows what scientific discoveries; technological advancements or bright young singers will grace this page next year on January 11, 2013?  Watch this space.

Make 2012 Your Get Fit Year

New Year’s Resolutions are very popular, but it seems that they are often difficult to carry through and, at some time around February, one finds they have readopted their old habits.  This is especially true when it comes to exercise and healthy eating.  But the truth is, any changes one makes do not have to be so dramatic.  As well, it is important –vis-à-vis exercise – to find something that is not boring.

Suggestions for Getting Fit

So here are a few suggestions for ways to get fit.  Check out the different Workout DVD’s available such as Jari Love’s Extremely Ripped Boot Camp DVD for $14.99.  This is perfect for those who never feel as if they have enough time.  In fact, any DVD is good for that as it can be done at home. This one offers six 10-minute workouts exercising abs and cardio and using weights. In addition there are two 30-minute workouts and an even longer one that spans for 18 music tracks.  Or, if you just want to focus on cardio or abs, that is another option.  This DVD certainly will not leave you bored.

For those who feel the need to get out, walk more.  You do not necessarily have to spend the money to sign up for a gym membership if you don’t want to spend the money.  Just take every opportunity to walk, put on a pedometer and see how many steps you clock up each day.  Also, find a friend to team up with for fitness so you can encourage each other.

Eating Better

Eating healthily does not necessarily mean cutting out all the good, fun treats.  A bit of modification is needed. Ensure the house is stocked with fruit and vegetables – for those who despise raw vegetables, make soups instead.  When going out to dinner, choose healthier options like fish rather than pasta and either just have a bite of dessert or order a coffee to finish off your meal.  There are many – easy – ways to introduce healthier eating habits into your life. 

So don’t make a New Year’s Resolution, just make 2012 the year that you will be getting as healthy as possible.

How’s Kate Celebrating the End of The 20s?

As the Duchess of Cambridge bows out of her 20s, the question on everyone’s lips is, what will she be doing to celebrate her entry into her 30s?  In other words, is there a big bash planned for Kate’s special three decade birthday? 

Apparently, plans have indeed by underway for quite some time, by her sister and brother-in-law who are walking on the wild side vis-à-vis the big night. The two partners-in-crime are said to have been recruiting some good friends to help make it a night to remember for the Duchess as well.

The big night is tomorrow, January 9, and it’s all set to go ahead with an 80s theme (given that it was the decade in which the royal was born). Apparently plans for the party have been in the works for months.

First, ‘Save the Date’ cards were sent out.  The party will be held in London and will probably feel somewhat contradictory in themes with a sense of royalness but also some light-hearted karaoke, bringing the tone down somewhat!  In a few years’ time from now, when the royal couple have been married awhile, it may not be so easy for her to really let her hair down in such a way so this party is set to let her do that.  And if she enjoys singing pop that was famous in the 1980s like “Her Name is Rio” by Duran Duran and “Holiday” by Madonna, more power to her!