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Do You Hide the Chocolate You Eat?


Scientists will, apparently, research anything. Have you always wanted to know how much people lie about their chocolate consumption? No? We haven’t either. But apparently this question has been on the minds of the British Heart Foundation, which commissioned the study.

For the study, 3000 men and women were questioned about their chocolate eating habits. 33% of them eat their chocolate on their commute home so that they don’t have to fess up to a spouse or partner at home. 13% admitted that they will eat chocolate behind the refrigerator door, under the covers in bed or when their partner has left the room.

Now, the British Heart Foundation is sponsoring a Dechox challenge, urging Britons to be chocolate-free for the month of March. As a special incentive, they explain that just cutting out chocolate could help a person to shed up to 11 pounds in a year.
But is that enough to give up chocolate? What do you think?

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Puerto Rican Bank Supports Women in Business

ladyartistAll over the world, organizations are working to boost women entrepreneurship and skills. Last year, Puerto Rico-based Doral Bank teamed up with the Municipality of Bayamon to announce a new educational program for 25 women at the Art Workshop. The free, three-month experience is aimed at encouraging and enhancing the artistic abilities and techniques of the participants, and will begin this month.

Ramon Luis Rivera Cruz, mayor of Bayamon, explained:

“The idea is to open up avenues for self-employment for women with artistic interests. Women represent an important but often underutilized force in an economy. In Puerto Rico, where we all are trying to create a stronger economy, women can and should play a vibrant role. Entrepreneurship offers the potential of capital creation and jobs- all of which enhance the well-being of the community. ‘Taller de Arte del Municipio de Bayamon’ is being undertaken to help women realize their economic potential through their artistic capabilities, including the possibility of establishing their own business in a related work field.”

He added that Bayamon will not charge registration taxes for participants with small businesses for one full year, giving them an opportunity to promote their efforts and support the economic development in the city.

Doral Bank’s Jesus Mendez said: “With this unique program, Doral is adding a further important dimension to its community Mujeres d Exito initiative. Doral is committed to encouraging entrepreneurial development among women in the island by providing important business development tools. As women receive more opportunities to become entrepreneurs, Puerto Rico’s economy increases its potential.”

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Banco Puertorriqueño Apoya a las Mujeres en los Negocios

ladyartistEn todo el mundo, las organizaciones están trabajando para impulsar el espíritu empresarial y habilidades de las mujeres. El año pasado, Doral Bank, con sede en Puerto Rico, se unió al Municipio de Bayamón para anunciar el Taller de Arte, un nuevo programa educativo para 25 mujeres. La experiencia gratuita de tres meses tiene como objetivo fomentar y potenciar las habilidades artísticas y técnicas de las participantes y comenzará este mes.

Ramón Luis Rivera Cruz, alcalde de Bayamón, explicó:

“La idea es abrir nuevas vías para el autoempleo de mujeres con inquietudes artísticas. Las mujeres representan una importante pero a menudo poco utilizada fuerza en la economía. En Puerto Rico, en donde todos estamos tratando de crear una economía más fuerte, las mujeres pueden y deben desempeñar un papel vibrante. El empresarismo ofrece el potencial de creación de capital y empleo, lo cual mejora el bienestar de la comunidad. El ‘Taller de Arte del Municipio de Bayamón’ se está llevando a cabo para ayudar a las mujeres a desarrollar su potencial económico a través de sus capacidades artísticas, incluida la posibilidad de establecer su propio negocio en un campo relacionado.”

Agregó que Bayamon no cobrará cargos de matrícula para las participantes durante un año, dándoles la oportunidad de promover sus esfuerzos y apoyar el desarrollo económico de la ciudad.

Jesús Méndez de Doral Bank, dijo:

“Con este programa único, Doral está añadiendo una dimensión más importante a la iniciativa de su programa comunitario llamada Mujeres d Éxito. Doral se ha comprometido a fomentar el desarrollo empresarial de las mujeres en la isla, proporcionando importantes herramientas de desarrollo de negocio. En la medida que las mujeres reciban más oportunidades de convertirse en empresarias, la economía de Puerto Rico aumentará su potencial. ”

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Prudent Advice About Prunes

prunesWe all know that prunes are good for constipation, but little did we know that they are great for dieting too. Liverpool University researchers tracked the weight and appetite of 100 overweight and obese men and women who were being given dieting advice.

Half were given prunes to snack on. The men who were given prunes were asked to eat 170g a day, about 15 prunes. The women were asked to eat 140g, or about a dozen, a day.

At the end of the three month study, both sets of groups lost about four pounds of weight and an inch off of their waistlines. However, the ones who ate the prunes felt fuller and had faster weight loss.

As Jason Halford explained, the appetite-suppressing effect of the prunes outweighed the damage done by the sugar content of the food.

As Professor Halford (who, by the way, received funding from the California Prune Board) said, “One of the biggest problems with dieting is that it makes you hungry. This doesn’t necessarily mean that prunes are the new weight loss miracle but they don’t undermine dieting.”

In addition, he mentioned that eating the prunes could also help you to achieve your goal of having five portions of fruit and vegetables a day.

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Princeton University Art Museum Adds Antique from Phoenix Ancient Art

Phoenix Ancient Art Antique

Photo Bruce M. White: Acquisition from Phoenix Ancient Art

Education comes in many forms. While classroom education is important, so too is experiential learning, museum exploration and self-discovery. Many universities and institutions understand this and cultivate learning in various forms. Princeton University, for instance, has an art museum that formed in 1882. Their museum, and Department of Art and Archaeology, positioned them at the time on the cutting edge of scholarship in an era when the history of art was a new discipline. Every acquisition that they make today, such as the recent one from Phoenix Ancient Art, is newsworthy and representative of their belief in the arts.

The Museum, led today by director James Steward, is one of the nation’s most prestigious art museums. It includes more than 92,000 pieces and moves chronologically from ancient to contemporary art with concentrations on the Mediterranean regions, Western Europe, Asia, the United States, and Latin America.

The galleries are continually refreshed with new acquisitions. One recent acquisition is a bust of a woman that dates from the 25th Dynasty (750-656 BC). The antique came from Phoenix Ancient Art, owned by Hicham Aboutaam and Ali Aboutaam. The way that this woman is holding her breast in her hand shows that she was an Egyptian goddess Isis, the wife of Osiris and the mother of Horus. As explained on the Princeton University website, “The sculpture of Isis adds a new dimension to the Art Museum’s small but important collection of Egyptian art at a time when the study of ancient Egypt is occupying an increasingly prominent place in the curriculum.”

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Campañas Publicitarias Hacen Llegar el Mensaje

Las campañas publicitarias son siempre una forma interesante de ver lo que la empresa está haciendo y cómo se presenta al público. Doral Bank anunció recientemente su nueva campaña publicitaria llamada “estire su dólar con Doral”. Esta campaña se centra en los beneficios que se ofrecen a través de sus cuentas de depósito y de los productos que ayudarán a los clientes.

Como Katiria Resto, el Director de Producto de Doral Bank, dijo: “Como una institución bancaria queremos informar a nuestros clientes y las comunidades que servimos, las opciones de cuentas de cheques que ofrecemos junto con los beneficios que funcionan para ellos. Con las cuentas que ayudan a estirar ese dólar, queremos ser los proveedores de soluciones de banca que puedan ayudar a nuestros clientes centrarse en disfrutar de su día a día”.

Como parte de su campaña, explican que tienen un Doral Diario que es una cuenta de cheques sencillo con $0 por cargos por servicio durante seis meses. También tienen una cuenta de cheques Doral Mas que paga más interés.

La campaña de publicidad trabaja para explicar cómo estas cuentas ayudarán a la persona promedio a estirar su presupuesto. Están utilizando la campaña a través de medios impresos, televisión y radio.

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