Get a Great Sleep…in the Air with Woollip

aeroplane-147495_640If you’re a frequent traveler, this might be the perfect product for you. A father and daughter from Paris have invented a travel pillow called Woollip that offers a more comfortable sleeping position for flying.

The idea of the device is that the passenger can lean on the seat-back tray and it will support their head and upper body as they lean forward. The idea for the pillow comes from the portable massage chair that many airports provide and that shopping malls often have.

Diana Levy, the 21 year old business school graduate, and her father Franck had the idea after sharing a long, uncomfortable flight. They worked on the concept for 18 months with many designers, pilots and physiotherapists to create the right prototype.

When it’s deflated, the device can be rolled into a small bag and it weighs as little as a smartphone. They are starting a Kickstarter Crowdfunding campaign on March 18, which is World Sleep Day, to raise money to get it started.

A Refreshing Automotive Museum at The Academy of Art University

fair-1182112_960_720There are many automotive museums across America, but few of them have a university connected to them. The Academy of Art University has an Automobile Museum, and it’s worth checking out. The Academy of Art University Automobile Museum is at the Academy in San Francisco. It allows the viewer to catch a glimpse into the history of the art and design of the car. They have a huge selection of cars including Bugatti, Jaguar, Duesenberg, Cadillac, Alfa Romeo and others.

The museum is a non-profit location that allows those who love cars to relish in the enjoyment of viewing them. But what makes this location so unique is that it’s not just for car lovers – but for industrial designers and artists. The museum started because Richard A. Stephens, the former Academy of Art University President, always loved cars. Mr. Stephens wanted to offer automotive design at the Academy and he wanted to combine it with a unique ability for students to study beautifully designed cars and to appreciate the craftsmanship of others.

To this end, the industrial design program uses the museum to study design. Within the School of Industrial Design, they have recently created a new Associate of Arts degree in Automotive Restoration. Led by auto industry leader Tom Matana, they will be training the automobile restorers of the future.

Certainly, it’s not everyday that you see a museum on a college campus dedicated to the learning that the students are doing. And this is one auto museum worth checking out when you’re in San Francisco.

Best Travel Destinations for 2015

cuba-201357_960_720Skyscanner, the global travel search engine, has released its predictions of the destinations to watch for this coming year. The data included the analysis of millions of Skyscanner flight searches for the last three years in the UK, looking at the locations that had increased in interest the most dramatically.

The winner is Ponta Delgada in Portugal where the interest has increased 63% in recent years. Havana was the second one with a 33% increase in interest, while Tokyo came in number three with a 25% increase. Copenhagen was the fourth with a 21% increase and Cape Verde was number five with a 14% increase.

Cat McGloin, the Skyscanner travel editor, said “With 50 million searches to the site every month from all over the world, our search data gives us some really robust insight in to these trends. It’s interesting to see how people’s travel interests are changing and what these destinations are offering to become even more appealing.”

Summer Safety Tips in the Car

With the summer upon us, more people will be on the road taking those great summer trips. It’s imperative, when you buckle the kids in and get ready to go, that you do so safely. This video reminds you of the importance of baby seats and car seats and gives you tips to make sure that you are using them correctly.

Make sure, as well, never to leave a child or animal unattended in a hot car.

Never Lose Your Luggage Again…

luggage-356733_640Everyone knows the frustration of losing your luggage on the way to a great vacation. Now, Delsey has come to the rescue with the Pluggage that they showcased at the CES Innovation awards this month in the US. What makes this suitcase so different is that it can charge your mobile phone and let you know if your suitcase made it onto the flight with you.l

In addition, if you want to know if your luggage is overweight, you can synch your case with a smartphone app that can tell you how heavy the case is. Similarly, by synching with your app, you can get a notification if your suitcase has made it to the plane.

Other options are still up for discussion including an inside lighting system that will switch on when the suitcase opens, a fingerprint ID that protects you and more. They are also discussing a check lock facility that can tell you if the suitcase has been opened without your knowledge and an app weather forecast that tells you what type of weather to expect at your destination.