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Nancy Glass: Making It Work from Philadelphia

While most of us assume that all production companies are based in Los Angeles or New York – Nancy Glass of Nancy Glass Productions is proof that this is not always the case. In an interesting article just published, Glass shows her out-of-the-box thinking and location – and why they are working for her.

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Summer Travel Just Got That Much Better

If you’re traveling this summer, you won’t want to be without this product. The ShelfPack is a revolutionary roller suitcase that has….drawers in it when you unpack!

It is designed by California-based McKaba Luggage and is priced at $349.

Check the product out and enjoy your summer travels.

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Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

So Father’s Day is almost here and you haven’t gotten anything yet for dear old dad. What are you going to do? Here are some great ideas. Get to the hobby store and get started on one of these crafts before you wake up on Sunday wondering how you’ll show dad your love.

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Wealthy Clients Turn to Dany Bahar for One-of-a-Kind Cars

For those people who want to express their individuality through their motor vehicles, Dany Bahar and his custom-made car company holds the key to that dream. Former head of Lotus, Bahar is the man the wealthy turn to for their bespoke autos, made to each customer’s particular specifications.

Born in Turkey and raised in Switzerland, Dany Bahar takes a Bugatti, valued at £1.5 million, and gives it a makeover so that his costumer is satisfied that there is only one car like his on the road. This satisfies, on a deep level, the need for his clients to feel unique and special through the uniqueness of their automobile.

“Individualization is becoming so big – you can do everything, shoes, shirts, watches, everything,” Bahar says. “The super-rich who can buy a Bugatti for £1.5 million, LA Ferrari for £1 million, the McLaren P1 for £850,000, they can afford this no problem,” he adds.

Bahar explains why the usual kind of choices are simply not enough for his clients. Cars delivered from the main manufacturers allow customers to:

“Chose their own color, leather, wood application from these [manufacturers] but then they realize that 399 or however many other cars are in the series, can have the same.”

A wealthy car-owner can rise to the next level, as Bahar points out:

“If I spent £2 million on this car and I am in central London I don’t want to see two more Bugattis. I don’t want to see the same,” he says. “Having something you cannot buy anywhere else is what fascinates clients. This was the main reason we launched Ares… to take, for example, a Bugatti and give it a makeover, a real makeover.”

Rather than changing the specs that a particular car is renowned for, such as the engine, gearbox, or unmatched aerodynamics, Bahar and his company, Ares, takes the best of the car and gives it a new outer look that the client demands. As Bahar puts it: “It’s a Bugatti but covered with a different skin.”

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A Cure for the Pain of Shots?

syringe-417786_640If you’re one of the millions of people terrified of needles, there just might be a solution for you. Spanish scientists have found an answer that they believe will work – hold your breath. If you breathe in sharply, it triggers the brain to dampen the nervous system which leaves you less sensitive to pain.

When you are stressed, your blood pressure rises for the fight or flight reflect. Dr. Gustavo Reyes del Paso of the University of Jaén, Spain set out to see if holding your breath (a natural way to raise your blood pressure) come take away some of the pain. His findings were published in the journal Pain Medicine.

What he did was, perhaps, a bit strange. He squished the fingernail of people while they held their breath. He then repeated the action with the volunteers while they breathed slowly. He found that both techniques managed to distract people from their pain but that people reported that it hurt less when they held their breath. He believes that this method might be helpful in situations where people know that pain is on the way (like with a shot) but not in situations where unexpected pain occurs.

In order for it to work, the person has to hold his breath before the pain starts.

Some medical professionals aren’t buying it, however. As Dr. Richard Chapman of the University of Utah told New Scientist journalists, “Holding the breath can also make a person tense their muscles, which might make some painful conditions worse.” Dr. Anne Murphy of Georgia State University mentioned that the solution only reduces the pain slightly.

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Advice for the Sweetest Sweet Sixteen

birthday-balloonsIn some circles, sweet sixteen parties are a very big event. They mark a transition and are a great reason to celebrate anew milestone for a child. But they can also be quite stressful. Here are some quick suggestions from Beth Sonnenfeld, VP of Sales at EMBraer Paper Goods, about keeping your cool when you’re party planning.

  1. Listen to your child’s desires. This can be frustrating at times, but there is nothing worse than planning a party when the guest of honor is going to be upset or disappointed. Talk to your child and make the plans together. Obviously, they need to respect your budget and your abilities, but hopefully you can come to an agreement within those parameters.
  2. Stick to your budget, even if you think it will disappoint your child. As Mathew Braer, Beth’s colleague, also in sales at EMBraer Paper Goods; explains, “Your child may think that he needs something really splashy. But if I’ve learned anything in sales, and from watching companies like Amazon and Elio Motors, less is sometimes more.”
  3. Make your money go a long way. You can save money in certain areas so that you can spend more in others. You can order one dessert for each person rather than two, and most people won’t even notice the difference. You can shop in a second hand store for that perfect dress for yourself or your daughter, and find a true treasure.

Getting ready for the big day shouldn’t have to bring a great deal of stress to you or your child. Remember why you’re having this celebration and try to keep your focus on the joy of reaching this milestone.


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