Leap Your Way Into Fun with Leap Day

frog-111179_960_720Today is Leap Day! And certainly you can’t just let that pass you by without doing something fun. Here are some ideas to make the day fun for your kids. If you’re an adult without kids – check out the sales that some of the stores are having and the fun green drinks that you’ll find in restaurants and bars.

Now, on to the kids…

Buy some plastic frogs and put them inside jello. If you use black jello, you can tell your kids are living in the swamp and they have to find each one. Yum!

Play leap frog because…well..why not?

Cut out two frogs from tissue paper. You have two teams and two straws. One kid on each team picks up the star and sucks in to it to catch the frog. They have to run to the other side of the room without dropping the frog and then run back to give it to the next player. First team to finish wins.

Make cupcakes and frost them with green frosting. Put out jellybeans and decorations to make frog faces. Eat and enjoy.

Have your older children write letters to themselves to open four years from now on Leap Day.

Make a frog puppet.

Have fun!

Doctor Cycling Around the World

bike-1080079_960_720It is awe-inspiring to read about people who have changed their own lives in order to change the lives of others. Dr. Steven Fabes is one of those. He has cycled 53,285 miles in the last six years to help and empower others. In 2010, the doctor left London to get on a bicycle and he has, so far, cycled across Europe, Africa, South America, Central and North America, Australia and Asia. His travel blog, Cycling the 6, shares stories of his experiences.

He wanted, at first, to exist on $10 a day, but he ran out of money after three years. Since then, he has been making money as a public speaker and freelance writer and with the sponsors he has for his gear. As he said, “I’ve honestly never considered giving up. The hardest times have been during a winter crossing of Mongolia – a lonely, difficult place, especially when it’s minus 35 at night!”

During the six years, he has raised more than £20,000 for the medical NGO Merlin(before they merged with another NGO in 2013) and he has shared his skills with many in need. He is now nearing the end of his adventure and plans to return to the UK soon to write a book about his adventures.


Eat Your Ice Cream for Breakfast Today

ice-cream-770994_640Today is International Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. Yes, you read that correctly. So, if you haven’t had breakfast yet, you should run out to the store and buy your favorite ice cream. And if you’ve already eaten that most important first meal of the day – then you can use this excuse to have ice cream for another meal.

So, where did this idea come from and is it just an invention of the ice cream or dairy industries? Surprisingly, it’s not. The holiday was invented in the 1960s by Florence Rappaport in Rochester, New York. A mother to six, she declared one day in February that it was Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. As she said on Wikipedia, “It was cold and snowy and the kids were complaining that it was too cold to do anything. So I just said, ‘Let’s have ice cream for breakfast.'” The tradition spread through the years and has actually spread across the world in part because of Florence’s grandchildren who have traveled extensively.

There have been celebrations recorded in Nepal, Namibia, Germany, New Zealand and Honduras. It has been celebrated in China since 2003 and has had particular popularity in Israel since 2013.

Google.com Available for $12?

google-1015751_960_720It definitely pays to be computer savvy, as Boston-area business student Sanway Ved proved recently. He was apparently playing around on Google Domains trying to learn more about Google’s URL-selling service, when he searched for Google.com and found that it was up for the taking! He put the ULR in his cart and bought it for $12, only to see one minute after the purchase went through that Google canceled the sale and refunded the order. Ved reported the vulnerability as a courtesy to Google (not trying to get rich off of the glitch).

Google rewarded him with $6006.13, which they claim spellings out “Google” although you probably have to squint to see it. When Google learned that Ved was giving the money to the Art of Living India foundation, a nonprofit that runs free schools in India, they matched the amount for a total of $12,012.26.

As Ved said to Business Insider after Google offered him the reward, “I don’t care about the money. It was never about the money. I also want to set an example that it’s people who want to find bugs that it’s not always about the money.”

Interestingly, in 2015 alone, Google paid out more than $2 million in rewards to researchers around the world who found glitches.

Celebrating National Bubble Bath Day

bubble bathToday is National Bubble Bath Day. What better way to celebrate – especially with the cold, frosty air outside – than a relaxing, hot, bubble bath? Mr. Bubble – founded in 1961 and today marketed by Bevel Brands’ executives James Astrachan, Deb Hartzell and Bruce Shalett, among others – has actually become quite a household name over the years. As well as being dermatologically tested, hypo allergenic, pediatrician-tested and tear free, Mr. Bubble has also appeared on quite a few popular TV shows.

TV shows Mr. Bubble has appeared in include: Ed (1996 with Matt LeBlanc), Eddie Murphy Delirious (1983), Everybody Loves Raymond, Family Guy, Gold Through the Fire and The Simpsons.

In addition, Mr. Bubble is today’s Number 1 brand of bath products in America. In 2011 it turned 50. So while Mr. Bubble sits and celebrates its 55th birthday today, bubble bath lovers should join in with a hot bubble bath on these cold, wintry days and thank Mr. Bubble for coming into their lives.