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Cat Cafe Opens in London

Lady Dinah'sA new café recently opened in London, combining coffee and feline passions to create a brand new atmosphere. The new venue has proven so popular it is already booked through June. Called Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, the café allows visitors to enjoy a cappuccino or latte while winding down with some of the location’s resident cats.

Anna Kogan, investment banker and co-owner of the café, explained: “The idea is you can come have a peaceful lunch or high tea and be surrounded by cats. If you’re lucky one of them will fall asleep on your lap.”

The café opened its doors on March 1st after being partially funded by a campaign that raised more than $181,100 in less than two months. More than 3,000 online bookings were made within hours of the café’s launch.

“I thought that it would be really really cool to just hang out with loads and loads of cats,” said recent patron Christy McCormick. “They’re really fluffy and cute and… I really like cats. They’re great.”

The café has 11 cats, and features vintage-themed décor. There is a 5-pound entrance fee and a two-hour turnaround time for patrons.

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New York Financial Tips

In a recent article on TheStreet, they reported that the national averages for two-year CD rates has decreased by one basis point. As Joe Deaux, TheStreet’s Economics Analyst said,

“Two-year CD rates have witnessed the only fluctuation in the past three weeks. This is telling as Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen last week told market observers that the central bank could begin to raise interest rates as soon as six months after the end of tapering. Yellen’s key comment coupled with the majority of policy makers forecasting the federal funds rate to reach 1% by 2015 means savers may have just received their biggest signal that rising CD rates, especially for longer durations, are at hand.”

As reported by TheStreet, those in the market will find Doral Bank as a great option for 1-year CDs. They currently offer a rate of .94% as compared to the Greater New York Region average of .39%. See the full article for more details about other top rate issuers.

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Photography Tips for Spring

Spring has sprung, and while some enjoy documenting the dark, mysterious scenes of winter, many amateur photographers feel more confident in the bright, colorful, sunny days of spring and summer. Whether you are snapping photos with your phone or working with professional equipment, expert advice can always come in handy.

One great tip for photography anywhere is the rule of thirds. Many amateur photographers place the subject of their image directly in the center- an approach that is relatively easy but rarely creates the depth and personality that a photograph can express. Instead, try the rule of thirds by imagining a tic-tac-toe grid over your image. The four points where the lines intersect are called “points of power” by photographers, because they lend depth, interest and definition to a finished photograph. Place the focal points of your images on one of these intersections points to give your final products an immediate touch-up.

Another great way to add drama to your photographs is by filling the entire frame with your subject. Take this image by Chris Gamel, for example:

Elephant Close-Up: Thomson Safaris

The elephant’s face takes up the entire image, and in doing so allows the viewer to connect with both the subject and the photographer behind it. Gamel explains: “As she approached, I asked myself what it was that captured my interest. The answer was obvious- an elephant was walking directly towards me… The result is an image with impact that reflects my personal experience.”

Gamel suggests: “Ask yourself what you are taking a picture of. The fewer words you use to answer that question, the better. Once you have identified your subject, fill the image frame with it. Usually, this means getting closer. Fascinated by the dexterity of a local artist’s hands- get closer. Want to capture the look of joy on your child’s face just before she zip-lines through the rainforest- get closer.”

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Taylor Swift No. 1 “Money Maker” in 2013

Taylor Swift has won the Grammy award seven times since she launched her musical career in 2006, and she is the youngest winner in history of the music industry’s highest honor, the Grammy Award for Album of the Year.
Now, Swift has topped the list of the music industry’s highest earners in 2013, having made nearly $40 million dollars with sales of her 2012 album ‘Red’ as well as her six-month Red tour across the United States.

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Multivitamins: What You Should Know

vitaminsMany people turn to vitamin supplements to ensure that they get the appropriate daily dose of substances like iron, vitamin C, Omega-3 fatty acids or probiotics.

Before you get swept away in this convenient trend, there are a few things you should know, however. Woman’s Day Magazine offers the following 10 facts about multivitamins:

  • Consider temperature and storage requirements. Supplements that contain oils or probiotics should be refrigerated to prevent them from becoming exposed to too much heat, light and oxygen.
  • Different medications may interfere with your body’s ability to absorb vitamins and minerals. Aspirin or birth control effect the body’s vitamin C levels, for example, and a boost in intake may be necessary.
  • Folate, or folic acid, is a B vitamin which the body often struggles to absorb. Contrary to popular belief, a synthetic type is better than naturally-derived folate in this case.
  • If you are a vegetarian, or don’t eat much meat during the week, you may want to consider a vitamin B12 supplement. This is a crucial substance that supports the body’s blood supply and nervous system, and is found mainly in animal products. Though some dark green vegetables, such as spinach, have B12, the plant form is not well-absorbed by the human body.
  • Be careful not to get too extreme. Vitamins are good for you, but large doses can effect digestion, moods and even the liver. Do your research, and maybe even consult with an expert.
  • Iron can be dangerous in large doses- if your multivitamin contains iron, make sure to take only the recommended amount each day. If you are pregnant or anemic, a doctor can recommend the appropriate dose for your needs.
  • Vitamins A, D, E and K are fat-soluble, so take them with a bit of fatty food to maximize their benefits. Water-soluble vitamins, on the other hand, include B and C.
  • Prescription medications may interact with certain vitamins, or deplete your body’s stores. Discuss the possibility with your doctor or pharmacist.
  • Do your research when you buy your vitamins, as labels can be misleading. The FDA regulates vitamin supplements like food, and not like medications.
  • Vitamin supplements cannot replace a healthy diet. Your daily routine and dietary habits will have a much stronger impact on your health than your multivitamin can.
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Daniel Straus, HealthBridge Management, Announces Fundraising Campaign for the Valerie Fund

valerie_fund_logo.gif w=300With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, most people are collecting ideas for romantic date nights, the perfect red velvet cupcake recipe, and a new dress or pair of shoes. Companies, however, have different plans. CareOne LLC, for example, is using Valentine’s Day to support the Valerie Fund and the thousands of children with cancer and blood disorders who are supported by the organization. Daniel Straus, HealthBridge Management executive and CEO of CareOne, has set a $1 million fundraising goal for the Valentine’s Ball.

“Those of us at CareOne feel that there’s no more meaningful way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than in support of The Valerie Fund,” Straus said in a statement.

“The work of the Valerie Fund is heartwarming, supporting both superb state-of-the-art outpatient healthcare and emotional support each year for thousands of New Jersey children with cancer and blood disorders. The fund is a wonderful example of love being expressed by giving to others, and we are proud to support it. We’ve set a fundraising goal of $1 million. That’s an ambitious goal but I am confident in the ability of our team to achieve and perhaps even exceed it.”

Straus went on the explain that members of the CareOne team, as well as affiliated companies like Healthbridge Management, have worked hard to support the fundraising campaign in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia.

“I am so proud of the CareOne team,” he said. “In addition to CareOne executives and team members, residents of many of our Centers raised funds with events such as bake sales and jewelry sales. Many of our vendors and suppliers also participated. This is the CareOne community coming together to help those in need.”

“The hard work and tremendous empathy of all those in the CareOne community has been remarkable to witness,” The Valerie Fund co-founders Ed and Sue Goldstein added. “The Valentine’s Ball will go a long way towards supporting the Valerie Fund’s mission. It will allow us to continue to provide comprehensive healthcare support for the seven Valerie Fund Centers that are so vital to these children and their families, including those without medical insurance.”

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