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Sleepy Teenagers May Be Fatter Adults

teenager sleep

Your teenager’s lack of sleep just might be making him fat. That’s the result of a new study published in the Journal of Pediatrics and conducted by Columbia University and the University of North Carolina.

The study found that teenagers who get less than six hours of sleep a nigh are 20% more likely to be obese later in life. The researchers found that, by age 21, those who had 8 hours of sleep during their teen years were significantly less likely to be overweight.

Researchers looked at information for more than 10,000 American kids aged 16. They revisited the information on the same kids when they were 21. 20% of the 16 year olds reported to getting less than six hours of sleep. This group was 20% more likely to be obese at 21 than were their peers who slept for 8 hours a night.
As Shakira Suglia, assistant professor of epidemiology at Columbia University, said, “Lack of sleep in your teenage years can stack the deck against you for obesity later in life.”

“Once you’re an obese adult, it is much harder to lose weight and keep it off. And the longer you are obese, the greater your risk for health problems like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. The message for parents is to make sure their teenagers get more than eight hours a night.”

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Loving Until the End

This is an incredible story of love and dedication. Watch and admire.


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4 Unusual Hotel Perks Coming Your Way

goldfishIf you’re interested in a rather unique hotel stay, here are a few choices for your pleasure:

  1. Kimpton Hotels: Are you missing your pet? Wish you had brought your fish along for the ride? No problem. With this US chain’s “Guppy Love” program you can have a goldfish put in your room during your stay. Hotel staff are responsible for the care of the fish and you can relax next to your aquarium and lower your stress levels.
  1. The Benjamin in New York has a sleep specialist on staff who offers guidance through the “Rest & Renew” program. Part of this program includes special pillows that guests can order off of the “pillow menu” and includes a power nap kit.
  1. At Provence Hotels your pet will be taken care of. This hotel has an in-room massage package that includes Reiki treatments and more. They have an in-house pet psychologist, pet grooming, dog walking and more.
  1. Finally, for guests who need a fragrance pick-me-up, the Vancouver Hotel Georgia offers a fragrance butler. Yes, this is true. He will come to your room with ten fragrances on a silver platter and you can select from the high-end brands to smell your best.
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Saying Goodbye to Tattoos

tattDo you hate that daisy you had put on your arm when you were a teen? Do you regret emblazoning “Jason” on your forearm? Are you having issues with the lion’s tail you put on your shoulder blades?

Tattoos have been quite the rage for years now, but people are actually starting to regret those ink jobs more now than ever. Revenue for tattoo removal has actually surged a whopping 440% in the last decade, according to Marketwatch. This amounts to an estimated $75.5 million.

Hollywood paves the way in so many trends, and this may certainly be one of them. Those who have removed their body art in recent years include Eva Longoria, Megan Fox, and even the famously tattooed Angelina Jolie.

The good news in the tattoo removal world is that it no longer requires pain, surgery and scaring. Laser technology now allows users to break down the ink work in the skin using several colors of laser light. Red light is used, for instance, on blue, black and red inks; green light is used for red and orange.

As San Francisco-based plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Kulick said, “What is attractive in your 20s is not so attractive in your 30s. The ideal color for removal is black because that tattoo will be at the same depth in the skin and the same wavelength for the laser to remove the ink. Now it’s very fashionable to have pastels and yellow, which is very difficult to remove.”


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History of Bimini and the Resorts World Bimini

Bimini Superfast

Bimini actually has quite a history to it, in addition to offering a beautiful vacation spot these days. Certainly, anyone who wants a great vacation spot will want to enjoy the Bimini cruise from Miami that allows them to get to Bimini in close to two hours. Once there, they can enjoy the majestic sands with the Resorts World Bimini and enjoy everything that the island has to offer today.

As the video below explains, Bimini has a rich history to it as well.

It was an offshore speak-easy and liquor store location in the 1930s during prohibition, allowing those in Miami a way to enjoy themselves during difficult times.

Bimini was one of Ernest Hemingway’s favorite getaways and was the inspiration for his book Islands in the Stream.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. came to Bimini a number of times. He wrote part of his Nobel Prize acceptance speech while at Bimini. His visit impacted the people of Bimini a great deal. There is a memorial bust to him in Bimini at the crafts center.

Al Capone was also known to come to the island.

Learn more about Bimini, the Bimini Superfast and so much more here.

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Terracotta Army…Made from Pizza Dough

picture from

picture from

If you can’t get to China to see the famous Terracotta Army – then maybe you can see them at the PizzaExpress chain in Beijing. Opening soon, the chain decided to have British food artist Annabel de Vetten recreate the entire Terracotta Army – out of pizza dough.

That’s right. The artist who specializes in cakes for her company Conjurer’s Kitchen, used PizzaExpress’s signature dough to create each warrior. The warriors have been recreated in such detail that each one has a different hair style and realistic folds in his clothes.

The Beijing PizzaExpress will join many other eateries at the Taikoo Li shopping center in Sanlitun, but chances are none of them will have quite such an elaborate display as part of their restaurant.

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