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Terracotta Army…Made from Pizza Dough

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If you can’t get to China to see the famous Terracotta Army – then maybe you can see them at the PizzaExpress chain in Beijing. Opening soon, the chain decided to have British food artist Annabel de Vetten recreate the entire Terracotta Army – out of pizza dough.

That’s right. The artist who specializes in cakes for her company Conjurer’s Kitchen, used PizzaExpress’s signature dough to create each warrior. The warriors have been recreated in such detail that each one has a different hair style and realistic folds in his clothes.

The Beijing PizzaExpress will join many other eateries at the Taikoo Li shopping center in Sanlitun, but chances are none of them will have quite such an elaborate display as part of their restaurant.

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Tips for Saving Money This Summer

summerWith school out, it’s time to start budgeting for the summer, and Primerica offers some very important tips for doing so. Everyone wants to have fun in the sun, but this doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank in the process.

On their blog, Primerica offers these tips.

  1. Start small by understanding how making the smallest changes can have big results. For instance, if you always swing by Starbucks in the morning during the summer, cut out two of those runs a week and you’ll be shocked by your savings.
  2. Have fun without spending a great deal. There are many parks where you can find great activities without entrance fees. Look in the newspapers as well for inexpensive ideas and for coupons that will make a big difference.
  3. Think ahead. Try to keep your financial goals in mind as you plan for the summer so that you won’t spend today what you really wanted to save for tomorrow.
  4. Pay It forward by sharing the financial knowledge that you have with others.

The summer is certainly a time for fun and adventure. Talk to friends to get ideas for inexpensive family outings. The beach, for instance, is much less expensive than a pool membership. Some museums have free entrance one afternoon a week in the summer. Finding out about these activities can make the difference between a make and break financial summer.

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Emotional Eating Starts Young, Study Finds

cookiesBelgian researchers recently explored the roots of emotional eating and found surprising results. Children as young as five will turn to food when they are anxious or stressed. The Belgian team asked more than 300 children who were between the ages of five and ten about their lives. The parents also answered questions in a questionnaire about how often their children ate certain foods.

The results certainly showed a correlation between the stress in a child’s life and the sweets they ate. Researcher Nathalie Michels of Ghent University also showed that levels of the hormone cortisol rose as the stress did.

As a result of the study, Dr. Michels is encouraging schools and parents to teach children how to cope with stress. As she said, “Parents and children should be made aware that stress can influence emotional eating behavior, so they can pay attention to potential triggers and anticipate this behavior. Furthermore, children should be equipped with stress-coping skills, such as problem-solving or asking for help, instead of seeking solace in food.”

Adding to the discussion, Tam Fry of the National Obesity Forum said, “From the moment that an infant is born it learns that sweetness brings comfort. It should therefore be of no surprise that it is sophisticated enough, even by age five, to know that it’ll feel better about some unhappy event having eaten a chocolate biscuit or something sugary.”

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Out and About in Florida

There is a lot to see and do in Miami these days. From new restaurants to stunning architecture, theme parks to glorious recreational parks, there truly is something for everyone. Indeed, there are constantly new attractions opening up in the region.
aquaticaFor example, earlier this month BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse opened at Florida’s newest outlet center, Palm Beach Outlets. Measuring in at around 8,500 sq. ft., those who frequent the eatery will be subject to BJ’s classic deep-dish pizza, infamous Pizookie® dessert and “award-winning handcrafted beer.” This is the first time BJs has opened up in the West Palm Beach region, marking its 17th restaurant in Florida (5th in South Florida).
For tourists – or even residents – who love to walk around the neighborhood and admire new, striking architecture, Vladimir Doronin’s latest project will be of interest. Located in the attractive Brickell area, Doronin has been working alongside Ugo Colombo of CMC Group Inc., in this development. On the project, Doronin said, “we both see tremendous opportunity in Miami and in the Brickell area particularly. We also share a commitment to innovative aesthetics and relentless attention to detail, so I am especially pleased to partner with Ugo on these exceptional new projects, with more ideas in the pipeline.” These high-end condominium super-structures are set to be a truly phenomenal site in the region.
Since summer is on the way, for those in the Florida state, Aquatica could be just the ticket. This SeaWorld waterpark located in Orlando just opened and is the city’s “tallest, steepest and only multi-drop tower slide,” where riders get to drop closet to 80 feet at 20-24 feet per second from a breakaway box. Certainly not for the faint of heart but for those looking for a thrill it could be perfect!
Florida has been subject to some tremendous developments recently. Each is unique and cater to extremely different tastes. This sunshine state really does have something to offer everyone.

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Dog Died? No Problem. PetMatch Has a Replacement for You

Petmatch_1-11If Muffy, your beloved dog, as just died and you’re mourning her loss, there might be another solution. PetMatch, a new app, will help you to find a near replica and to adopt a new dog. Using images of either an old pet or an animal that belongs to a friend, they can help you to find a similar dog nearby.

The app searches for animals that are up for adoption in your local area.

Launched by Californian start-up Superfish, which has a specialty in image search algorithm, they will help you find a local match. Using their patented image recognition technology, they perform geometric analysis.

Users can then browse a list of potential matches and then click through to a profile that they want to see. They can get the contact information for the adoption center where the specific animal is.

The service is only in the US and is only for cats and dogs.

As the developers explained, “PetMatch is a faster, more intuitive way to bring you closer to finding exactly what you’re looking for. Behind the scenes, PetMatch uses Superfish’s patented image recognition technology to find similar adoptable pets in your area [and] gives you all the information you need to connect with the adoption agency.”

The company also has an app called Window Shopping that can help shoppers to find clothing that is similar to something they already have, or that they’ve seen in a shop.

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Watch Out for Your Child’s Nightmares, Says New Study


Recently presented at a Pediatric Academics Societies meeting in Vancouver, Canada was a study that found that nightmares might be tied to bullying. The British-led study from researchers at the University of Warwick followed 6,438 children from birth to age 12. When they were 8-10, they were interviewed about bullying and were then interviewed about nightmares at age 12.

As co-author Dieter Wolke explained, “Our findings indicate that being bullied is a significant stress/trauma that leads to increased risk of sleep arousal problems, such as nightmares or night terrors.”

“It is an easily identifiable indicator that something scary is being processed during the night. Parents should be aware that this may be related to experiences of being bullied by peers, and it provides them with an opportunity to talk with their child about it.”

Researchers found that by the age of 12, 24% of the kids had nightmares and 9% had night terrors.

When adjusting for many factors, the researchers concluded that children who were victims of abuse and bullying were more likely to manifest their distress, anxiety and depression in sleep-related issues.

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