Tips for a Safer House After Rehab

It’s always nerve-racking if someone you love has a fall. This is particularly true if the person is elderly and frail already. While they may remain at a place like the Dry Harbor Rehabilitation Center in New York for a bit, the goal, ultimately, is to get them back home. As a caregiver, child or friend of the injured, it is very important to remember that they may need some changes in their home after the accident. Here are a few little-known tips that can help to create more safety in the injured person’s home.

1. Caregivers: You may need to consider having a caregiver at the home. This might be someone who just comes for a few hours a day, but it might be someone full time. One area of need for most people is when they first get up from being in bed or sitting. They will often experience a moment of dizziness and it is very important to have someone there to be of assistance.

2. Cleaning: Make sure that the apartment is clean, with no scum or mildew in the bath or shower to create slippery surfaces.

3. Clutter: Go around the house and identify clutter. This is a sure-fire way for the injured person to trip.

4. Telephone: Add telephone lines to the house. Install a telephone in the bathroom and one in the family room (if there isn’t one there already). There should be a phone in the bedroom and the kitchen as well. You might, instead, want to use a medical alert system. Or you can teach them to use a cell phone and make sure they have it on them at all times.

5. Lighting: Evaluate the lighting in the house. Is the pathway to the bedroom to dark? Are the hallways dark? Make sure that the path from the bedroom to the bathroom is well lit with nightlights or some other means so that the injured can clearly see their way at night.

Rehabilitation is never easy, but at a location like Dry Harbor Rehabilitation Center patients will get the nurturing and the attention that they need. The trick, upon their return home, is to continue with that rehab and to ensure that their home is a safe place for them to be.


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