The Real Trix is Back!

No worries. You’ll soon be able to eat the artificially flavored Trix you love once again. Recently, General Mills announced that it would be reintroducing the original version of their cereal because of customer complaints. As General Mills spokesman Mike Siemienas said, “We heard from many Trix fans that they missed the bright vibrant colors and the nostalgic taste of the classic Trix cereal.”  Apparently there has been an outcry since Trix started trying to make their cereal healthier using vegetable concentrates and spice extracts instead of Red 40 and Yellow 6 foo dyes. Many people found the new ingredients dull and they wanted their bright colors back.

So cry no more.  Later this fall you’ll be able to find both the brightly colored version filled with artificial ingredients and the more natural alternative. Eat up and enjoy!






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