The National Aquarium in Baltimore Great Fun for Families

If you are ever in the Baltimore area you might consider taking a trip to the National Aquarium. This amazing place is a must-see for anyone even a little bit interest in sea life. The Aquarium has on exhibit over 16,000 varieties of animals including one of the most dangerously toxic animals in the world, the poison dart frog, which is part of a unique breeding program at the Aquarium.

In addition to its role in the poison dart frog breeding program, the National Aquarium also has one of the best turtle collections in the entire country.

“Turtles are really interesting animals,” says Jack Cove, the general curator of this unique ‘zoo-arium.’ “They first appeared on the planet about 300 million years ago.”

Cover says that the best time to visit the National Aquarium in Baltimore is during the winter. There are hundreds of exhibits housing about 16,500 animals. The Aquarium is 115,000 square feet and has more than one million gallon of water within its walls. The most favorite exhibits are the Australian animals, the dolphins and the frogs.


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