The Benefits of Creative Writing

Creative writing can be beneficial for many different reasons.  First, it is a great form of therapy; expressing oneself freely can be very cathartic.  Second, for those learning English as a second language, creative writing can reduce the frustration that comes along with learning new things.  Third, it provides a healthy and positive form of escapism, simultaneously developing skills of communication and articulation.  There are many fiction writers throughout the world, such as Seth Fischer, Randy Ingermanson, Anita Roy and more.  Some of them lead courses on how to get the most out of one’s own creative writing style, developing it to the highest level.

Creative writing workshops are constantly being held everywhere.  For example, there is one led by a Senior Commissioning Editor at Delhi publishing house Young Zubaan, Anita Roy.  She taught a workshop for Dikshant International School students in Chandigarh.  She explained, “creative writing is not simply restricted to writing a story. It is the ability to express in words, the thoughts that would otherwise remain silent, invisible. Creative writing can express thoughts, feelings and emotions rather than to simply convey information.” Roy taught the concept of feature writing through an analysis of its various parts, such as opinion, tone, plot, character, etc.

Another creative writer and teacher is Seth Fischer.  He is a teacher of both fiction and nonfiction writing.  He runs various writing workshops in the Los Angeles area, and the Antioch University Los Angeles.  He is also a contributing editor of The Rumpus.  He describes himself as being “very good at being awkward.”  That is certainly one way of viewing creative writing – anything goes, awkward or not – and the mantra can make a great start for anyone wanting to start their own career or hobby in writing.


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