Dog Died? No Problem. PetMatch Has a Replacement for You

Petmatch_1-11If Muffy, your beloved dog, as just died and you’re mourning her loss, there might be another solution. PetMatch, a new app, will help you to find a near replica and to adopt a new dog. Using images of either an old pet or an animal that belongs to a friend, they can help you to find a similar dog nearby.

The app searches for animals that are up for adoption in your local area.

Launched by Californian start-up Superfish, which has a specialty in image search algorithm, they will help you find a local match. Using their patented image recognition technology, they perform geometric analysis.

Users can then browse a list of potential matches and then click through to a profile that they want to see. They can get the contact information for the adoption center where the specific animal is.

The service is only in the US and is only for cats and dogs.

As the developers explained, “PetMatch is a faster, more intuitive way to bring you closer to finding exactly what you’re looking for. Behind the scenes, PetMatch uses Superfish’s patented image recognition technology to find similar adoptable pets in your area [and] gives you all the information you need to connect with the adoption agency.”

The company also has an app called Window Shopping that can help shoppers to find clothing that is similar to something they already have, or that they’ve seen in a shop.