Smart Meters Need Another IQ Test

Opposition to the installation of the so-called smart meters is on the rise. Smart meters are those digital apparatuses which utility companies have come to love and efficiency proponents insist help to more accurately and economically monitor electricity use. Last year they were installed more than ever as a result of the injection of 3.4 billion dollars of stimulus money into the economy and power industry.

But opponents are not so glassy eyed about the delights of this new way of keeping tabs on electricity usage. They claim that first of all they are inaccurate and cause the overcharging of customers. Some say that their penchant for keeping track in real-time of a household’s use of energy is reminiscent of Big Brother watching- which for many is not a good feeling.

Most worrisome, however is the fear that low levels of radiation, which these devices produce, could be a health hazard. Since utilities have been installing these meters without giving consumers a choice, many believe more research needs to be done to assure that there are no risks associated with these new smart meters, and until its safety has been unquestionably established a moratorium on their installation should be declared.