Bruno Bashing?

Poor old Frank Bruno. The 49 year old boxer has such a legendary reputation that it seems no one will give him a break. Police stopped him in his Mercedes ML sports car worth £45,000 and accused him of stealing it!
Bruno initially thought the matter was quite comical, not realizing for a second that it was actually for real. “I thought it was a hidden camera show,” he was reported to have said.

It might not have been quite so bad had the police officers themselves been laughing, which Bruno himself spotted, and added, “I didn’t find it funny.” Once he realized they were for real, Mr. Bruno was not laughing at all who, according to one of his spokesmen, felt it was “an abuse of power” along with a waste of public time and money.”

The police recognized and knew who he was but just thought they’d have a giggle by using their power to question anyone on the road. This whole incident shows that Britain’s police force could probably do with a couple of smacked knuckles to whip it into shape.