Bye-Bye Trash Can

It seems like the trash can could be getting a remake.  Starting in the UK, in the Scottish Highlands (in Inverness), a hi-tech company has developed the ‘Big Belly’ – a solar-powered computerized bin that costs £3,200.  Apart from the cool factor of it, it’s very practical, having the capacity to hold eight times as much rubbish as a regular trash can.

How Does it Work?

The trash can has machinery inside of it that “compacts litter automatically, and an internal computer is programmed to send an email to the council when the bin needs to be emptied.”  It only needs eight hours of daylight each month for its electronic devices and metal compressor used to crush the rubbish to be repowered.


Kyron – an Irish company – is manufacturing these high-tech trash cans. They have already been tested out in various Irish towns as well as Devon’s seaside resorts.  The Big Belly will now be placed outside of McDonald’s in Inverness; this move has been approved by Highland Council.  Inverness is a great city to start the trials since Inverness has been described as having a huge litter problem.

Another advantage of these trash cans is its sealed lid which will prevent vermin from scavenging.  As well they have a warning that notifies people they are reaching their capacity.  This could prevent overflowing.  Further, city employees’ burden could be reduced since they will not be called on to empty the trash cans so often.