NBC’s “The Voice”: the Newest Talent Show

NBC’s new series “The Voice” is another singing contest, with a slightly different twist.

What’s New?

In the first two hour episode the contestants are heard, but not seen, by a panel of celebrity judges. There’s another difference as well; the judges are not so much judges but coaches and hands-on mentors, gathering the more talented contestants onto their individual teams.

The contestants, who compete for a record deal and $100,000 prize, are spared the daunting experience of auditions like those on “American Idol.” The show begins immediately, with contestants recommended by the industry or found throughout the nation by other means.


The judges include Christina Aguilera, country star Blake Shelton, Adam Levine of Maroon 5 and Cee Lo Green, and they may be in for some competition too: if more than one celeb wants a contestant on their team, the new singer gets to choose.

The Chemistry Matters

The judges seem to get along well amongst themselves. Executive producer Mark Burnett explained that he put some effort into creating a good team. He says: “My best move as a producer was saying to the coaches ‘here’s my credit card, go out to dinner, the four of you.’ It allowed them to know each other. In the end, it’s the chemistry that counts. If they’re having fun, the audience has fun.”